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Tutorial - 'Waitering/Waitressing Mini-Game Tutorial' by ATARI

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Learn how to make a Waitering/Waitressing Mini-game in your RPG to get your hero some extra spending money, or however you would use it.


Hi folks, It’ ATARI again. This time I’m going to talk about how to make a Waitering/Waitressing
Mini-Game Job your Hero can apply for and do to get some extra cash during your RPG.

Things you’ll need to know to use this tutorial
1a. Variables in general
1b. Random Function of variables
2. Fork Options
3. Switches
4. Common Events

If you’ve ever played SMRPG (Super Mario RPG) when you stay at the Marrymore Suite and can’t pay for it, you have to work at the inn so why not make a system where your hero gets a job for some extra money. This tutorial is about how to make a waitering/waitressing job for your hero at a fancy restaurant. You go to people who are ready to order, they tell you want they want, get to a few other people, and then you have to go back to get the food, and make sure you get the correct food to the right people, or it is FIRING TIME, with no money.

The first thing you have to create is a restaurant place where your hero can apply to work there for the day, or for however long you want your hero to work at their job. You can make there be a 80% chance your hero will be accepted after they give their information, by using a change variable event below, and
choosing the random function, using 1 and 8. Then it will choose a random number in the range of 1-8, and if it’s 1-7, their accepted. Make this happen by using a fork option. “IF variable [variable you used] is equal to 8, then” make it say something like, “Unfortunately you have not been accepted, but you can always try sometime later.” In the fork’s else case, make it say something like “You have been accepted, you report to work tomorrow at 10 AM,” and then turn on switch “Employed.” Or whatever. They you can
make your hero go to sleep, wake up, and go to the place where their working.

Now in the restaurant, have an autostart event that has the starting condition of Switch, “Employed.” In the auto start event, make your hero report for duty, and get ready to start taking orders. Now by using the random number option in the change variable event, you can make different scenarios happen for each day, by choosing a random number. Of course, your hero could do the same things two days in a row, but the chances of that depend on how many scenarios you have. For this tutorial, I will do a basic number of two, and have two orders for each.

Make a new change variable event for variable “Workday,” with 1 and 2 in the autostart event below the part where your hero reports for work. Then turn on switch “Workday_started” and turn off switch “Employed.” Make a new page in that event. Make it an autostart event as well. Make it’s starting conditions be switch “Workday_started” and variable “Workday” being 1. Now in here make your hero
wait for about a minute, but give them the freedom of moving around. To do this, in the new autostart page you made, make it turn on switch “WorkdayA.” Now go into the common event tab in the database. (F8) Make a new common event that is an autostart, and have it’s starting switch be “WorkdayA.” Now in there, make a wait event for 60.0 seconds. Below that, turn on switch “WorkdayB” and turn on switch “WorkdayA.” Since that waiting happened in the common events tab, your hero can move around. Now back into that first autostart event, with the new page you made, make a fork that says “IF switch “WorkdayB” is on, then” below that, make your workday begin! Make a message saying somebody is
ready to order. Turn off switch “Workday_started.” So now you hero can move around and find whoever is talking to them. Make a new event in the restruant, that’s starting condition is variable “Workday”
being 1. Make them tell you what they want to order. Then turn on switch “WorkdayC.” In the common event make a new autostart event using switch “WorkdayC” and wait 35.0 seconds, then turn on switch “WorkdayD” and off with “WorkdayC.” Then have another event in the restruant with starting conditions variable “Workday” being 1 tell you what to order. Then get a notice from another worker that there is some food ready for the customers. Now walk back behind the restruant counter, and into the food room. Here there should be all kinds of different foods. Now we have to make a system that the hero has to get the right food to the right people. First let’s work on getting the right food.

To make a system for getting the right food, first we have to see each food a variable number. Now make each food event say what they are, and ask if you want to take them. Turn on a switch corresponding for each food you take. When your done, you exit the room. Turn on switch “WorkdayE,” and off with “WorkdayD.” Now go back to the customers, make a new event page for them both, with starting conditions, switch “WorkdayE” and variable “Workday” being 1. Now make a new map. This is where you will select the right food for the right people.

Make the map look like an inventory, and make an event for each of the items there. So there should be 20 spaces, each starting with the corresponding switch. Make all the events push key. The display a message saying something like “Did this customer order [this]?” Then show choices saying [Yes] or [No].
If you hit [Yes], then turn on switch “[Food’sName]2.” (Replacing [Food’sName] with the name of the food) Then after that, display a choice that says, “Is this all?” Then show choices saying [Yes] or [No].
For both [No]’s, have nothing happen. For this [Yes] Make it teleport you back to the map. Before we go on, we have to make your hero get to the inventory thing.

On the customer event with switch “WorkdayE” and variable “Workday” being One. Make it erase screen, memorize hero position using variable “HeroWorkX” “HeroWorkY” and “HeroWorkID.” Then change the
hero’s sprite to an arrow, teleport to the inventory, and show screen. Back in the inventory under the “Is this all [YES] case,” turn on switch “CustomerAWD1.” Then make it return hero back to memorized position using the correct variables. Back in the event with the last [yes] case you did, make a new page with starting switch being “CustomerAWD1.” Then make a fork that says, “IF switch “[correctfoodsname] is on, then” make a message having the customer say “Thank you.” Then turn off switch “CustomerAWD1.” and add one to
variable “WDCompletion.” Under the else case, make the customer say “This isn’t my food.” Then make the manager say he wants to talk to you, and then you can have the manager fire you, or whatever, be sure to turn off all the work switches, food switches and customer switches. Set all variables used in this tutorial to 0. Do the same thing for the second customer using switch “CustomerBWD1.” Don't forget to copy and paste events and change them around for all the other foods. Then have an auto start event on the restaurant map with the starting condition of variable “WDCompletion” being 2. Then have you be with the manager being paid, or whatever you want to happen. Then make a choice option asking if you want to work there. If you hit [yes], turn off all workday switches, customer switches, food switches, set all the variables you used here to 0, and turn switch employment on. Make your hero be back in their house, or wherever they sleep, and make another day. Under the [no] case, do
the same, and turn off switch “Employment.”

So that’s all there really is to making a waitering/waitressing working mini-game in your RPG. You, Of course, can make your hero where work clothing too to make it more real.

See if you can do the second day the same way. Don't forget, you can do as many days as you want, with as many customers as you want too!

Good Luck!
“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”