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Tutorial - 'Traps' by ATARI

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A tutorial on how to have traps in your RPG.


Hi folks, It’s ATARI again. This time I’m going to talk about how to make traps in your RPG.

Things you’ll need to know for this tutorial:
1. Switches
2. Fork Options
3. Variables
4. Common Events.

Now what exactly do I mean when I say traps? Well, in a lot of games in dungeon levels, there are traps. Traps are certain spaces that you step on, and they do damage to you, or what-not. However, you can use skills to detect traps, and disarm them. So how do you do that in your RPG? That’s what this tutorial is about. How the trap system in this tutorial is going to work, is one of your hero’s has to have the Trap Detector Ring on to be able to detect traps. Then you can disable traps, but it’s costs you some money to do so.

The first thing that we have to do is make a new item. Call it “Trap Detector.” Make it’s classification “Other.” Make it wearable by all heroes, and make it’s description something like, “Detects traps,” or whatever you want it’s description to be. Don’t check any of the options, and don’t improve any stats with it. Make it’s price whatever you want. In this tutorial, it’s price will be 5000. Hit OK.

Now make a new dungeon map. Make it a narrow hallway, and across the path that your hero walks on, from left to right on the path, make trap events.

To make a trap event, make a new event. Make it “on hero touch.” Make it make a sound effect,
(whatever you want) battle animation (whatever you want) and make it do something to your hero. (Ex: Make it take away 25 hp points.) You can change them to taking away levels, or whatever you want. Then below that, turn on switch “Trap_One_Gone.” Then in that event, make a new page, make it’s staring condition be switch “Trap_One_Gone.” It should be a blank event that does nothing. Now copy and paste that event to fill the part of the path you want covered. Then label them from
Trap1A-Trap1[x] (replacing X with the letter it would go to)

The next thing you want to do is go back into your database (F8) and make a new common event. Call it “Trap Detector,” and make it a parrell process event. Make it start out with a fork that asks “IF [hero] (replacing [hero] with the name of your first hero in your database) has “Trap Detector” Equipped, then,”
It should look like:

FORK Optn: [Hero] - Trap Detector Equipped

Below that fork option, make a new fork that asks “IF [hero] (being the same hero) is in the party, then” Which would look like

FORK Optn: [Hero] is in the party

Below those forks, turn on switch “Trap_Detector.”

Now in the else cases below, do the same for all the other heroes. Then at the else case below where you did your last hero, make it turn off switch “Trap_Detector.” This makes it that the hero with the trap detector equipped has to be in the party for the trap detector to work. And if they aren’t the trap detector doesn’t function. AKA switch “Trap_Detector” goes off. At the very end of this event, make it wait 0.2 seconds. Then hit the apply button and the okay button and go back to your dungeon map.

Make a new event on your Dungeon map. Make it’s graphics blank, and put it somewhere on the map
where the hero cannot walk. Make the event a parrell process event and it’s staring switch be
“Trap_Detector.” Make the first thing in the event a wait 0.1 seconds. Below that make a new change variable event. Use the variable “Hero X” and set it to Hero’s X coordinate. (To do that, click the radio button on “Event,” choose hero on the first drop-box, and X coordinate on the second drop-box.) Do the same with the variable “Hero Y” and do the Y coordinate for it. Now hit the apply button and OK button. Now make 8 new events. Make them all push key, invisible, below hero events and have them do absolutely nothing. Have them be invisible as well. Make them somewhere where they cannot be walked on as well. Label them, “Trap Detector 1,” “Trap Detector 2,” and so on, until you get to “Trap Detector 8.” Now go back into your parrell process event. Now under the variable events, make a new set event place event. (Located on the 2nd page below Setup Vehicle Place) Now choose the event “Trap Detector 1.” Set it’s position by variables “Hero X” and “Hero Y.” Do the same thing with the other “Trap Detector” Events until you have done this with all 8 of the events. Next, make a move event event. Make the event you want to move be “Trap Detector 1.” Be sure that neither boxes below are checked. Then click on the move speed up box 3 times, then start a slip through, make it then face left, move left, and turn off the slip through. Be sure that the movement freq is at 8. Now hit the OK button for that event. Do the same thing with “Trap Detector 2,” except make it move two spaces to the left instead of one. Then with “Trap Detector 3,” do the same, except that it faces up, and moves up one space. With “Trap Detector 4,” make it move two spaces upwards. “Trap Detector 5,” goes one space to the right. “Trap Detector 6,” goes two spaces to the right, “Trap Detector 7,” goes one space downwards, and “Trap Detector 8,” goes two spaces downwards. Then below those events, wait 0.4 seconds, and set variables “Hero X” and “Hero Y” to 0. Hit the apply button and the OK button.

Now make a new event. Make it invisible, and off somewhere where it can’t be reached. Have it be a
parrell process event. Now in here, make a new change variable event. Use variable “Trap1A_X.” Set it to event “Trap1A’s” X coordinate. Do the same with “Trap1A_Y,” setting it to “Trap1A’s” Y Coordinate. Now below those events, set each “Trap Detectors” X and Y coordinates using variables “TrapD1X” through “TrapD8Y.” Now below those, have a fork option. Make it say” “IF “Trap1A_X” is equal to variable “TrapD1X,” then,” Below that fork have another fork that says “IF trap1A_Y” is equal to variable “TrapD1Y,” then,” below that, turn on the switch, “Trap1Detect.” Now in the else case, do the same, except instead of variables “TrapD1X” and “TrapD1Y,” Use “TrapD2X” and “TrapD2Y,” Keep doing the same thing in the else cases until you’ve done it with variables “TrapD8X” and “TrapD8Y.” Then in the last else case have there be nothing in it. Now make another parrell process event, have it be exactly like the one you just made , except it uses variables “Trap1B_X” and “Trap1B_Y” instead of “Trap1A” and such. Make a new event for each separate Trap event until you’ve done it with all the trap events. (This is why you had to label each trap event differently) and Now go back to the trap events. Make a new page on the first of the trap events. Make it’s starting condition be switch “Trap1Detect.” Make it’s graphics a bright red. Make it below hero and have it be a on hero touch. Make it do the same thing as the first page does. When your hero steps on it, they take damage, or whatever you want it to do. Copy this page and add it to the other trap events.

Now in front of the first trap event, make a new trap event. Make it invisible, and make it push key below hero. Make it’s starting condition switch be “Trap1Detect.” This is the event that allows you to disable the trap. Make a new label at the top of this event, and then make a message that says “What do you want to do with this trap.” Then show the following choices, “Disarm” “Get Information” “Nothing.” Under the first choice, (“Disarm”) make it show a message that says, “It’ll cost you 1000 [x] to disable this trap. (Replacing [x] with your game’s currency) The show a choice that says, “Disarm” and “Nevermind.” Under the first choice, “Disarm” make a fork option that says, “IF Money is above 1000, then” make it play a sound effect (a sound effect that sounds like you’re disarming a trap) and then turn on switch “Trap_One_Gone.” In the else case, make it display a message that says, “You need more sufficient funds,” or something like that. Leave the “Nevermind” case blank. Now go back to the choice of “Get Information.” Make it display a message that tells you want damage the trap will do to you. Then go back to the label. Under the “Nothing” choice, have nothing under it.

And that’s all there is to having a trap system in your RPG. That wasn’t so hard was it?

Good Luck!
“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”