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Tutorial - 'Tutorial Tutorial' by ATARI

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ATARI writes a tutorial on how to write and submit a decent tutorial.


Hi Folks! It's ATARI again, and I'm writing about a tutorial on tutorials. Confused already? Well read on and learn what this is all about.

What this tutorial is about, is basically how to submit, and write a decent tutorial. Not too hard?

So, you want to submit a tutorial? Well that?s great! Submitting a tutorial not only helps you understand what even more about what you?re writing, it also helps many other people in the process.

Part I : Knowing where things are at.

The first thing you need to know about writing a tutorial, is where you are have to submit the tutorial. To submit a tutorial, first login in the GW mainsite. Put in your username and password in the boxes on the top right. Then click on the user panel.

Once in there, click on submit tutorial.

This is where you submit your tutorial. You can type up your tutorial in here, or type it up in a word processor and copy and paste it into here. I personally suggest using a word processor, because you can check over spelling and such in there.

Part II: What are you going to write about?

When making a tutorial, there are almost infinite things that you can write about. You however, should follow some of these things.

1. Be sure that there isn?t a huge amount of tutorials that are the same as yours. If you want to see if there are any tutorials like yours, you can look under search engines and other places.

2. The tutorial should be about something that the average user might not be able to figure out. For example, you wouldn?t write a tutorial on the ?add item? command in RpgMaker 2000, mainly because pretty much everyone can figure out how to do that.

3. Make sure the tutorial is possible to do. Don?t even try to write a tutorial on making a 3D first person shooter in Rm2k, because it is impossible to do.

Part III: Starting

Now that you?ve chosen what you?re going to write your tutorial on, it?s is time to start to actually write your tutorial. When writing, you should keep these things in mind.

1. Starting

Often, the first and second paragraph of your tutorial, (the very beginning) are used for introductory material. Where you introduce yourself, who you are, what you?re writing about, etc. However, by the 3rd paragraph, you should start into the tutorial. It?s not a good idea to clutter up the tutorial with a lot of introduction material and such. A tutorial should mostly be straight to the point.

2 . Explain

In your tutorial, be sure to explain how to do things very well. Some of the ways you do this is by, getting command names write, give a few examples every once and while, make sure it makes sense, and sometimes it is helpful in the explaining to add some code in as well, so those using your tutorial can see if they are doing things right.

3. Spelling and Grammar

Try to get the spelling and grammar correct in the tutorial, otherwise it can be hard to read.

You should be able to see the obvious misspelling and the grammar problem in the image above. If the grammar and spelling is off every once and while, it doesn't really matter. If you have wrong spellings in every sentence, and incorrect grammar usage in every sentence, it can be extremely hard to read, and lowers the chances of your tutorial getting added. Some of the ways you can avoid some of it, is to use a spell checker, and with some programs, grammar check. You still, may want to, however, check over
your tutorial a little bit yourself too. Often there are things that can be missed by just using a spell checker and other such things. Here is an example:

As you can see, the wrong "right" was used here. However, because "write" is a word as well, and it is spelled correctly, a spell checker will miss it. Also, if you have trouble speaking the language and such, it is a good idea to get somebody who knows more of the language to check over your tutorial.

4. Breaks

Don't make your entire tutorial one big paragraph. Split your tutorial into different parts, like a paragraph for each different part of the tutorial. However, be sure to not go over board in paragraphs, and have a different paragraph for each function.

5. Know what you are talking about.

You should know what you are talking about when you make the tutorial, and try to see if it works. If don't really know much at all about what you are writing about, you probably shouldn't be writing a tutorial until you learn more about it. Learn everything you can about what you are writitng.

Part IV: Submitting the tutorial

After your tutorial is finished, you should send it in. If you?re typing it up in the ?submit a tutorial? page in the user panel, and have checked spelling and grammar, hit the submit button, and wait to see if your tutorial gets added. That?s all you have to do. If you however, used a word processor to type up your
tutorial before hand, highlight your tutorial and copy it into the ?tutorial body? box. Then look at the following.

As you can see, there are some strange breaks in the tutorial body. If you do not fix this problem, your tutorial may look funny when it gets added. To fix this problem, click at the beginning of the line below the place where there is a break, and hit the backspace button on your keyboard. It should look more like this.

As you can see, there are still many other breaks that have to be fixed, so go through your entire tutorial before submitting it. When you are done with that, submit your tutorial, and wait for it to be uploaded.

That's all there really is to making a decent tutorial.

Good luck making those tutorials!
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