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Tutorial - 'U.M.N. System' by ATARI

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ATARI writes a tutorial on how to make a U.M.N. system in your RPG


Hi folks, it’s ATARI again. This time I’m going to talk about how to make a U.M.N system in your RPG.

Things that you will need to know to use this tutorial

1. Fork Options

2. Input Digit Command

3. Variables

4. Switches

5. Labels

6. Show Picture Events

So what exactly is a U.M.N? Well if you have ever played XenoSaga you would know exactly what it is, and If you’ve played Deus EX, you’ve used something a lot like it. A U.M.N system is basically an e-mail system where you can receive, reply (more or less), and download attachments and plugins. U.M.N also comes with an E.V.S system where you can revisit places you’ve been before collect items you missed and fight monsters that were there. Of course in this tutorial, I will be implementing the Deus EX system of needing a password and such to get into your U.M.N. Also, in this tutorial, you can only access the U.M.N at save points.

Section I: U.M.N.

Part I: Making Save Points to Get into the U.M.N.

The first thing we need to do is make a save point where we can use the U.M.N. We’re going to make it so when your hero is on the Save Point, they can access the save menu and use the U.M.N. system. Make 9 events in the shape of a square. Make all of the events on the outside on hero touch, and invisible. They should be “below hero” and make them turn off switch “Saving.” Now make the event in the middle on hero touch, make it below hero, and give save point graphics, and make it turn on switch “Saving.” Now go into the common events tab, located in the database (Accessed by pressing F8) and make a new common events tab. Name that common event “Saving System” and make it a parrell process event. Now put in a fork option that says, “IF switch ‘saving’ is on, then” make it enable the save menu. (To enable the save menu, choose the disable save menu command, and choose enable.) Then below in the fork’s else case, make it disable the save menu (choose disable save menu, and disable it). Now you have a save point working. Now it is time to integrate the U.M.N. System into the save menu.

Go into the item tab in the database and make a new item. Make it a common goods item. Call it

whatever you like, (In this tutorial it will be called a U.M.N. You shouldn’t actually call it a U.M.N., because it will seem like you are ripping of XenoSaga.) and make it’s price 0. Make it’s description whatever you like, but be sure to explain what it does briefly. Next, make a new item. Call it the same thing, and have it’s description be exactly the same. Make this item a switch item. Make it’s number of uses unlimited, and make it turn on switch “U.M.N.” Now go back to the common event “Saving System.” Go under the first fork option, the one that enables the saving. Below the enable save, remove item, “U.M.N” (the common goods one) and add “U.M.N.” (the switch one.) Now in the else case, remove the switch “U.M.N.” and add the common goods “U.M.N.”

Part II: Booting up the U.M.N.

Make a new common event. Make it an autostart event, and make it’s starting switch be “ U.M.N.” Name the event “U.M.N access.” Do the following. Wait 0.1 seconds, memorize hero position using variables “HeroUMN X,” “HeroUMN Y,” and “HeroUMN ID.” Be sure to put the correct variable in the correct place. Now hit the “OK” button and leave the database. Now make a new map. Make it the smallest size possible, and have it be filled with nothing but black. Name the map “U.M.N.” Now go back to the common event you were just working on. Right after the memorizing hero position, make it change your hero’s graphic into a blank graphic, then teleport to the map. Then disable the system menu and turn off switch “U.M.N.”

Now go to the new map you made, and make a new event. Make it an autostart event. Now before you

do anything else, you must decided on some numbers. First, decide what 5 digit number you want for your U.M.N. account #, and what 3 digit number you want for your U.M.N. account password. Be sure to remember that. Now in that autostart event, put in a label at the beginning using a label number you haven’t used before. Then make it display a message that says, “Insert your account number.” Then use a input digit event. Put the digits into variable “Account#,” and make it 5 digits. Then below that, display a message that says, “Insert Password.” Make another input digit event using variable “Password#,” and make it 3 digits. Then make a fork option that says, “IF variable ‘Account#,’ is equal to [Your Five Digit number], then” (Replace “Your Five Digit Number with your five digit number.) Below that fork option, make a fork that says “IF variable ‘Password#’ is equal to [Your Three Digit Number,’ then” (doing the same with “Your Three Digit Number.”) Below that fork, make a message that says, “You have gained access.” In the else case of that fork, make it display a message that says, “You have incorrectly entered your information.” Then display a show choice option with the choices, “Leave.” and “Try again.” Under “Try Again,” go back to the label number. Under “Leave,” return to memorized hero position using the corresponding variables.

Part III: Mail

Make a new blank map, and name it “U.M.N. Interface.” Now after the message that says “You have gained access to the U.M.N,” fade the screen out, make the hero’s graphics an arrow, and then teleport to this map. Now you should think of how many e-mails you plan to have, because on this map, every two horizontal tile is equal to one e-mail, and don’t forget to leave room to logout of the U.M.N. and to have a title for it as well. So change the map to the size you want it to be. Use blank tiles for it, but make sure that those tiles can be walked upon. Now it is time to make some mail.

Make a new event, and have it’s starting condition be switch “Letter#One.” This is an example letter that basically welcomes you to the U.M.N. System in your game. It will have a message, and an attachment that you download. On the event you just made, make it’s graphic a little envelope, and make it a push key. Then make another event beside it with a graphic the represents an attachment. Go back to the envelope, and in there, display a message that says “Subj: Welcome! From: U.M.N. Central (or wherever). Includes Attachment.” Then show the following choices. “Read E-mail” “Download Attachment,” “Nothing.” Under “Download Attachment,” make it add One item of “EVS.” Make a new item, and call it whatever (Don’t actually name it EVS, name it whatever you like, it’ll just be called EVS in this tutorial.) Make it a common good and make it’s description whatever you like. Under “Read E-mail,” display a picture that has the contents of the email on it, so your people can read it. The e-mail should welcome the hero to the U.M.N. and ask for a reply verifying their account., and that if you don’t reply, you cannot receive any more e-mails. Then show a message that says, “Do what now?” Then show choices, “Scroll Down.” “Reply” and “Stop Reading.” For “Scroll Down,” erase the first picture, and replace it with another picture, the second part of the e-mail. The display a message, and then choices, “Scroll Up,” “Reply” and “Stop Reading.” Under both “Stop Readings,” Erase the picture. Now you can read your e-mail. Now under “Reply,” make a fork option that says “IF switch “ReplyEmailOne,” is OFF then,” make a choice of two ways to reply. Make a label (different from the first,) and then display a message that says, “Reply with which e-mail?” Then show two choices, one being “E-mail #1,” and “Email #2,” Under “E-mail#1,” erase the previous picture and show a new picture that displays one way of answering to e-mail. Make it short and quick. Then display a message below that that asks if you wish to send this reply. Show choice, “Yes” and “No.” Under “No,” display a message that says, “Choose differently reply?” Then show choices, “Yes and “No” again. Under “Yes” go back to the label. Under “No.” Erase all pictures. Back the first “Yes” turn on switch “ReplyEmailOne.” Under “E-mail #2,” do the same, except make the replying message different. Under the else case, display a message that says “You have replied to this email, and erase all pictures.” Now copy this page, and paste it in a new page, this time, have it’s starting conditions be switch “Letter#One” and Item “EVS.” All you do here is remove the “Download Attachment choice.” Now at the bottom of the screen on the left, make a logout event, that returns you to your memorized hero position. On the bottom right, make a button for the EVS. Make the EVS event’s starting condition to be the item “EVS”

So that is really all there is with making an U.M.N. Now it’s time to make the EVS.

Section II: EVS

Now in the EVS event which is a push key event, make it display choices that allow you to go to places you’ve previously been. Use a show choice system like this.

Message: Where do you wish to go to?

Choice 1: Dungeon of Doom

Choice 2: Dungeon of Evil

Choice 3: Leave EVS

Choice 4: More Choices

Choice 1-2 brings you to places, Choice 3: Does nothing but displays a message saying “Leaving EVS.” Choice 4: gives you more options. Don’t forget to use switches to update all the places that you can go with your EVS. Also, don’t forget to turn off switches in the places that you are going, so events that originally happened there, don’t happen again.

That’s all there really is to making an U.M.N. system and a EVS system in your RPG.

Good Luck!


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