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Tutorial - 'Party-Change System' by GAGGLONE 2

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Learn how to create a Party-Change system like that found in Legion Saga Series and many other games


Ever want to make a party change system like the one in Legion Saga, so
you can have like 50 different characters and never worry about it. Well,
Now you can! Just read the small, little, consice set of directions below
and become the maker of a great rpg with many different characters.

first off: make a map. One that would fit in where the party change room
would be.

Then, make an event that has no image.

check the box over to the left of the page that says " [*] item[========]
hold, and make the item an item u ONLY get from getting THAT character..
nowhere else....(so that the character shows up when u get him/her at some

In the page.... make a comand... go to change variable
check the cirle "(*)one [ ]"
and make a new name(any name u want) that would be the variable for the
character that is being changed (i.e.: Oone [steve change]

then in the variable, click on set... and choose 1

then u are done with that page... make a New page in the SAME EVENT....

check variable all the way over to the left on the new page. and make it
the same variable you made and set 1

make a new command and choose variable.... make a new variable again (i
suggest calling it PARTY CHANGE)

and click on (*) other[ party size ]

make a command that shows messege (something like add [whoever] to party ?)

Show choice: YES / NO

Make a new command... go to FORK CONDITIONS...

Then, go to variable. choose the party size one u just made... then below
there is a box: Set [#].. make it 4. and below that is a box... make it say
... SAME.

for the fork.. make sure there is an ELSE case... for the else case..

and right below the command for change party (still under else condition)
make a command that is CHANGE VARIABLE...

in the variable.. choose the one u made before(the one with the 1 below
it... and leave it alone.. except change the 1 to a 2)

and make the picture at the bottom left corner the picture of the character
that is supposed to be able to be changed in this event

make another page. On this page make the picture the same picture as on
page 2, but transparent...

Check the box all the way to the left of the page variable, and make it the
same variable u just made(like [steve party change] or something) but the
number below it should be 2.

then go to the commands... show a messege saying something like
"Remove(whoever) from group???" and show choice: "YES/NO"


change hero's party... remove(whoever)

then (still under yes case) go to change variable (steve party change or
wutever) and make the number 1 again

there is nothing under "no case" or "end case"... just do this for ALL the
characters you have EXCEPT for the main hero... and you're done!