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Tutorial - 'Dating Tutorial' by NamelessWeapon

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A dating tutorial similar to the dating system in harvest moon. Festivals, presents and the like.


A simple dating system
Version 1.01


Other worthwile additions to your dating system

Many people have asked at the GamingW forums for a dating system, so I guess I will be the nice guy and make one for you guys.

To start off, if you don't know what a dating system is, it is exactly what it says. Harvest Moon has this feature. You work your way up the girls love, and you can marry. As in Harvest moon, if you buy a girl perfume or one of her favorite presents, her rating for you will go up.

To put it plain and simple, there is no 'automated' process in making a dating system. It requires some elbow grease, but as you can see, it is not hard to do.

Starting off, here's an example. Say you have a girl, Cindy.

You give her an item. Your rating with her goes up.

Let's just say the item is a cake, and she LOVES cakes!
Event Name: Cindy
Event Start: Push Key

Fork Have Item Cake
Msg: Give Cindy the cake?
Show Choice:
Yes - Remove Item ,Cake,
Change Variable: CindyRating + 3
Msg: Cindy: Thanks for the cake!
No- (not knowing you dont want to give her a cake)
Msg:Cindy: How are you today Hero?

Explanation: You are given a choice(if you have the cake), to give Cindy the cake, or not too. If you choose Yes, the item will be removed, and the variable CindyRating will be boosted by 3. If you click no, She will just talk to you normal, not knowing that you arent gonna give her that cake!
I will show you how to use a journal to see how Cindy feels about you.

Event Name: Journal
EventCondition: Push Key

Fork Variable(CindyRating) = 3
Show Pic:Image for 3 hearts!

Fork Variable(CindyRating) = 4
Show Pic: Image for 4 hearts!

Fork Variable(Cindyrating) = 5
Show Pic: Image for 5 hearts!
Note: and so on...

(Optional)CindyRating - decrease 3

What this does is, if CindyRating is 3, it will show the picture for the rating 3, and using Harvest Moon as an example,
3 hearts! It does the same with the other two.

As for the optional decrease 3, this is an option some people want, if you read Cindy's journal, your rating will go down with her. But this is only optional.

Once again, we will use harvest moon as an example. Every season, there would be a festival. You could buy your favorite girl cologne, and then dance the night away with her.
This can easily be done with Rm2k!

I will show you how.
Note: You must add items in the database for whatever you would like to give the ladies!
Note: Show every girl that you could have a chance marrying at this festival. And then set up a cologne store, or whatever fits your needs. Here is the coding for the cologne store.

Msg:Shopkeeper What would you like to buy?
Cherry Cologne: Add Item CherryCologne

BlueberryCologne: Add Item BlueBerryCologne

I'd rather not buy anything:

What this does is initiates a message with the shopkeeper, and asks you if you would like to buy some cologne.
If you choose Cherry Cologne, you will get the item CherryCologne. If you choose the BlueBerryCologne, you will get the item BlueBerryCologne. And if you choose I'd rather not, you dont get anything!

Now giving it to your favorite woman.

Note: Cindy HATES CherryCologne, but she loves BlueBerry Cologne! A

Event: Cindy
Fork Have Item CherryCologne
Msg: Give Cindy Cherry Cologne??
Remove Item CherryCologne
Msg: Cindy: I guess it's ok..
ChangeVariable: Cindyrating decrease 6!

Now for the BlueBerryCologne!

Fork Have Item BlueBerryCologne
Msg: Give Cindy Blue Berry Cologne??
Remove Item BlueBerryCologne
Msg: Cindy: I love it! Thank you!
ChangeVariable: Cindyrating increase 6!

And for the dancing..

Note: There are two other woman, Dona and Rena.

DJ: Pick a lady you want to dance with!
Show Choice: Cindy
Teleport to map dancing with Cindy
Change Variable:CindyRating increase 2!
Change Variable:DonaRating decrease 2!
Change Variable:RenaRating decrease 2!
Show Choice: Dona
Teleport to map dancing with Dona
Change Variable:DonaRating increase 2!
Change Variable:CindyRating decrease 2!
Change Variable:RenaRating decrease 2!
Show Choice: Rena
Teleport to map dancing with Rena
Change Variable:RenaRating increase 2!
Change Variable:CindyRating decrease 2!
Change Variable:DonaRating decrease 2!

What this does, is if you choose Cindy, it will teleport you to a map dancing with Cindy, and it will raise your rating with Cindy up by 2, but also decrease your rating with the other girls!

It's fairly easy.

There comes a time in every couples life.. where they must get married.

I will show you how to do that with RM2K!

Event Start: Push Key
Msg: Me: Will you marry me Cindy?
Fork CindyRating Variable = 9
Fork Item Got Flowers
Msg: Cindy:Yes I will!
Teleport to marriage map
Change Switch CindyMarriedOn
Message:Cindy: Hell no!

What this does, is if you have a CindyRating of 9, and you have the item flowers, she will say yes, and you will get teleported to the marriage scene, and the switch CindyMarried On. If you don't she will say no!

Now to add a little spice to that CindyMarried switch..

Msg: You: Let's have sex!
Fork Switch CindyMarried = on
Msg: Cindy: Alright - come to bed
Msg: Cindy: Hell no!
Change Variable Cindy rating decrease 9999999999

As you can see, this is a very easy process.

Other worthwile additions to your dating system

Say you wanted, after SOME battles, to boost your rating with Cindy. This is what you'd do.

In the database, go to monster party, and choose the monster party you want to boost Cindy's Rating with if you win.

Go to battle events at the bottom and enter this code.

Change Variable CindyRating +1

This will add this if you win, because if you lose, it is game over, unless you state otherwise.

If you have any questions, requests for additions to this tutorial, complaints, please email me at