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Tutorial - 'Shooting and Hearing Part II' by ATARI

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The second part of Shooting and Hearing, written by ATARI.


Hi folks, It’s ATARI again. This time I’m going to talk about Shooting and Hearing, Part II.

What you will need to know for this tutorial
1. Fork Options
2. Variables
3. Set Event Events
4. Switches

With Shooting and Hearing, we left off with just a simple shooting and hearing a system. In this tutorial, I am going to continue on this system, on how to make different weapons and advance the hearing system.


1. Splash Damage

What is splash damage? Splash damage is a radius of damage. If you shoot something, or a wall, a blast comes from it, damaging everything around the blast. This is called splash damage. (If you have ever used a protoss reaver, you should know what splash damage is.)

First of all, go back to the map that you were doing the events on for the first shooting and hearing and go into the “Shooting System” Event. Make a new page in that event, and make that page’s starting condition switch be “Blaster.” Now go back to the shooting system event and copy everything, and paste it in the second page for our “blaster.” Now go to the events that move the bullet, and change the “change graphics” part. Instead of a bullet, change the graphics to something explosive.

Now go into the “Bullet Hit” event. Make a new page, and have it’s starting condition be the switch “Blaster.” Copy everything in the first page, and paste it in the second page. Now under the part where the bullet hit’s an enemy, left click, and then right click on the part that plays the sound effect. In here insert a battle animation that shows a small explosion. Now hit apply and ok.

Now make 8 new events. Make them all invisible, push key, below hero, and out of reach. Label them from “Splash One” to “Splash Eight.” (Each event having a different name of course.) Now go back to the “Bullet Hit” Event. Above the first event under the second fork option, make a set event event. Set all these events with the variables of the monster you have in your system. (EX: Guard1X, Guard2X). Set all eight events there, and then move them out where they form a form a square around the guard. Under the end case, set the events back to where they are supposed to be. Also, be sure to make the damage a lot more than 1, which is what the normal bullet does.

Make a new parrell process event. Call it “Splash Damage.” Make it a parrelll process event, and have it’s starting condition switch be “Blaster.” First of all, make a change variable event, that sets all eight of the “Splash” Event’s X and Y coordinates in variables. Use variables “SplashX1” through “SplashX8” and “SplashY1” through “SplashY8.” Make a fork below that says, “IF variable ‘SplashX1’ is equal to variable ‘Guard1X’, then” directly below that make a fork that says,

(Looks like:
First fork:
Second Fork <--- put it right here)

“IF variable ‘splashY1’ is equal to variable ‘Guard1Y’, then.” Take away 3 points,or something like that from their health, and wait 3.0 seconds. Do the same for the other enemies. Now you have a splash damage system set up.

Next, let’s make it so that it explodes when it hits walls. Below the wall sides, make new push key events, that are invisible and below hero. Label them all “Wall” or something. Now make a new event called “Wall hit.” Make it a parrell process, invisible, below hero, and out of reach. Have it’s starting condition switch be “Blaster.” Set all the wall’s x and y variables with variables “WallX[number]” and “WallY[Number]” ([Number] being replaced with how many there are). It’s time consuming, but it needs to be done for this. Then make a fork that says, “IF variable ‘WallX1’ is equal to ‘BulletX’, and then another fork that says, “IF variable ‘WallY1’ is equal to ‘BulletX,’ then,” Have the explosions and the events being set happen. This time though, instead of using variables, have the “splash” events being put on where the wall event is. Then have them move into a square around it. Do the same for the other wall events in event “Splash Damage.” At the very end of all of them, make it wait 0.1.

Hearing Part II

1. Hearing Splash Damage

Now that you have a splash damage system set up, guards should be able to hear the splash damage
events as well. Splash damage can be heard by guards, NOT effect by splash damage. There are two ways of doing it. If you have a small map, when the splash damages goes, you can make all guards here, so instead of having them come after you, in the normal hearing event (the one covered in Part II) make it turn on switch “AlertGuard1.” through “AlertGuard[number]” Then make them come after you. You can make it so, all the “AlertGuard” switches goes off. This way is recommend for small, and large maps, mainly because if splash damage is loud, and you aren’t doing it this way, you might be doing over 80 events for it. You can do it, just the same way as you did in the other tutorial. I’m not going to cover that though.

Hear When they are Shot

Now this is really simple. I’m just adding this because I forgot to in the first tutorial. Under the “Bullet Hit” Event, when they are hit, turn on their alert switch, so they come after you when they are hit.

Good Luck!
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