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Tutorial - 'Complete Summoning System' by Master Hiteryan

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A tutorial by Master Hiteryan on how to implement a summoning system into your games.


Hello, wonderful people of GW! It's Master Hiteryan, and today, I'll show you, in my first tutorial, a more complete summoning system for RM2k to those ones who suffered with Ryan's tut. (Try not to use this in RM2k3, 'cause the summon is very fast and the summoned monster can't be taller than a slime, but it stills work).

First of all, make a new character and name it whatever you want. For this tut, name it Ifrit. Give it all the skills you want to, and give him a status equal to the party members'. Just a bit better (some more HP, Mindpower, etc.), and make the Level Increase speed a little more fast.

Now, make a new skill:

Name: Ifrit Summon
MP Cost: 0 MP
Type: Switch, ifritsummon
Description: Summons Ifrit (Or whatever you'd like).
Avaliable at: Battle
Battle Animation: None
Sound Effect: Whatever you'd like.
Usage message: [CharName] summoned Ifrit

This will activate the switch ifritsummon. Next, go into battle events and type this in all the Monster Parties:

Condition: ifritsummon ON
<>ChangeParty-Remove (Hero1)
<>ChangeParty-Remove (Hero2)
<>ChangeParty-Remove (Hero3)
<>ChangeParty-Remove (Hero4)
<>ChangeParty-Add Ifrit
<>Battle Animation: (Put in a summoning animation for Ifrit, here).
<>Change Switch-Garuda in battle ON

Okay, now we have the basic summoning down. Ifrit will now take the place of the party and will be controllable. Next, we have to make sure that our characters can return to the battlefield. Make a new page:

Conditions: IfritBattle ON
<>Fork Conditions: Hero Exhaustion Ifrit 0% more 0% less
  <>Messg: Ifrit has fallen
  <>Change Switch: ifritsummon OFF
  <>Change Switch: IfritBattle OFF
  <>Change Switch: IfritDead ON
<>ChangeParty-Add (Hero1)
<>ChangeParty-Add (Hero2)
<>ChangeParty-Add (Hero3)
<>ChangeParty-Add (Hero4)
  <>End Case

The IfritDead switch will make sure that Ifrit died and it can't be summoned again. Make a new page.

Conditions: ifritsummon ON, IfritDead ON
<>Messg: Ifrit is DEAD, stupid!! (or something like that)
<>Change Switch: ifritsummon OFF

Ok, we're almost done! Next, if Ifrit defeats the enemies, the battle will end. However, we don't want Ifrit to take the place of the party members, do we? Make a new common event called Summoning Upkeep, Parallel process, without switches.

<>Fork Conditions: ifritsummon ON, IfritBattle ON
  <>ChangeParty-Remove Ifrit
  <>ChangeParty-Add (Hero1)
  <>ChangeParty-Add (Hero2)
  <>ChangeParty-Add (Hero3)
  <>ChangeParty-Add (Hero4)
  <>End Case
  <>Change Switch: Ifritsummon OFF
  <>Change Switch: IfritBattle OFF
<>End Case

You can also make items that would turn off the IfritDead switch, so that you can summon it again.

I was a little confused, so , something may be wrong.

Well, good luck, and try it!