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Tutorial - 'Morphing System' by LINK3332003

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LINK3332003's tutorial on how to create a system where your heroes can morph into monsters.


Hello people of GW!!! This is LINK3332003 here with a morphing tutorial for you

This is for all of those wanting to make a game that you morph into monsters, things, etc. Well this is what you do. By the way, for this tutorial we will be using a slime and Alex.

First Do
First go to the Conditions tab. make a new condition, call it the name of the monster you want to turn into. But make sure that this character has a chara sprite.

Now go to battle animations, make moves that only that character will use. Now got to skills and plan out the remaining of the skill coding.

Now go to Items, and make items that only this character will use.

Now go to heroes and make him out.

No go to the conditions tab and make another one, call it alex.

Tricky Part
Now come the tricky part. and where this tut divides in 2. IF you want it to be so EVERY CHARCTER in your party becomes this monster with an item then skip to part 3. IF you want only one person to change then read this.

First go to conditions, make sure there is a condition for the name of the monster you will turn into.

Now go to items. Make an item medicine, forget about everything else, just make sure that it activates the monster condition. Also make sure that the number of times u can use it is 1.

Now make another item, make it a medicine, activating alex, make it limitless.

Now hurry on over to comment events, make it a parralel procces. the codings in it should be this.
<Fork Condition: if alex, slime condition is>
<remove member: alex>
<add member: slime>
<heal party: alex of slime>
< >
<end case>
<Fork Condition: If slime, alex condition is>
<remove member:slime>
<add member: alex>
<heal party: slime of alex>

Part 3
Make 2 switches, alex and slime. Also make up to 4 copies of the same slime in the hereos tag.

Make an item, make it a switch, so it turns switch slime on, make it only useable 1 time.
Make a similar item except make the switch alex and limitless.

Now go to common events. auto start. switch, slime.
<remove member: hero 1>( repeat this until all hereos have been removed)
<add member: slime> (repeat this until it replaces the number of hereos that were in your team with slimes, that is why you need the 4 slimes.)
now make another one, call it party normal. auto start, switch alex.

<remove member: slime>(repeat until all slimes have been removed)
<add member: Hero 1> (repeat until original hereos are back)

there ya go, although it requires some adjusting in part 3 to do certain things. it's pretty basic.
Well SEE YA!!!