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Tutorial - 'The Art of Making Maps, Part II' by Daroth

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Another tutorial how to make great maps by Daroth.


I'm back! Hope y'all didn't miss me too much, we don't want nothing like that now, do we?

Anyway, unless you're illiterate, you would have figured out that this is part 2 in my map-making articals. Today, I'll be covering villages.

When selecting graphics for your village, it tends to be a good idea for them to "blend" with your other chipsets. For example, you don't want your towns to cause the player to close they're eyes because the cipset is much brighter than the world map set. That just hurts your eyes, I know first hand.

To put it simply, when you start your village, ask you self "Does this match my theme/other chips?". If the answer is no, you may want to look at my first artical, The Art of Making Maps. Remember also that the people in your village make a big difference (I'll talk more about that later).

When you start your village, it helps if you have a general idea to where everything is going to be. If you don't do this, part way through cronstructing your village you might realize your buildings are to crowed together.

General Steps for your village:
1) Landscaping
When you start you village, you want to have the basic features down, ie rivers, cliffs, raised areas, etc. I usually start making rivers, then move onto cliffs and trees. It helps if you save your detailing for later, because if you do, you can get a much more natural look around your buildings.

This is kinda a no brainer, but if you skip it, your game might not be as good as it could have been. Make your landscape the same general style as the place it was on. If you have a village with grass in it, but that's been placed in a desert, your game will lose part of it's touch. And I'll have to hit you with sticks.
2) Building your Buildings
Sure, they're easy, but walls with roofs thrown on top get old fast. Try to add different types of buildings to your game. Now, for you who are! to lazy to go make new and exciti ng buildings themselves, I've done the work for them.
2a)The Farmhouse
The farmhouse is a general, all purpose building that can be modified in many different ways. The basic shape is like an 'L'. The right part of the house is the part of the 'L' that sticks out, and the left side is the rest of the 'L'. The entire building is four squares tall. However, the tower (Or right side of the house that looks like the part of the 'L' that sticks out) is five squares tall, with one square below the four squares on the left side of the house.
In case my description didn't help you much, here's a picture:

Hope that helps! Some other ideas ofr buildings are:

There's a good artical on this somewhere, but I'll tell you some stuff too.
Your people should look like your village. Yep, they should look like it. But don't go making a chara set out of your chipset, just keep reading.
If you have a sad, gloomy village, people should be wearing dark cloths, right? It adds to the feel of the village, as much as the village itself does. But say you have a busy ocean port. You'd probably have all sorts of people, because they came from everywhere. Also, you'd put people around everywhere to simulate thats it's busy, and many people would likey look like sailors.
Daroth: Hi! I'm here to talk about speech.
PC: That's nice.
Daroth: Hi! I'm here to talk about speech.
Pc: I know.
Daroth: Hi! I'm here to talk about speech.
PC: I know that! I want-
Daroth: Hi! I'm here to talk about speech.
Daroth: Hi! I'm here to! talk about speech.
You see NPCs saying the same thing over and over in games alot, don't you. Well, thats unavoidable at some point, but you might as well try to add feel to what they say. Try this:
Daroth: Oh, 'ello der ol' chap! I'm here to tolk abou' NPC speech, see?
PC: Oh? What can you tell me?
Daroth: Good 'mounts of stuff. Like, NPCs shooldn't say da same thing ove' and ove' again, see?
PC: Oh, yes, thats good advice. Well, goodbye!
Daroth: G' bye now ol' chap!
That was much more interesting. How he talked and what he said made a big difference in the game. Now take this:
In a sad, gloomy village you come accross and NPC:
NPC: Hi! How are you? I'm fine?
After a converstaion, you talk to the next one.
NPC: Loveley day, don't you think?
This happens for a while, so you begin to think this is a happy village after all. See how people can affect you village? People can make a HUGE difference.

That's all for now folks, I'm running out of time. Next time I'll finish up with villages and go on to insides! See you then!