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Tutorial - 'Running and Jumping' by KenshinO5O

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A tutorial about.. running and jumping! By KenshinO5O.


Hey it’s KenshinO5O!!!
My VERY first tut!!
I KNOW ATARI made that great Tut about running so this is going to look SO inferior to it...
Well enough of my blabbering and onto the Tutorial!!!

Running AND Jumping

Need to know how to:
1. Enter Password (Not really as I show you how to)
2. Switches
3. Common events
4. Forks

First here’s a little summary of what it does (If you already know skip to the coding). Pressing the Cancel button Show choice:
Choose run to run for a short time
Choose menu to open menu
Choose Jump to..well..jump.

Coding: (For those people that know everything..)(Ignore the .’s before some stuff)

This is a common Event Put on Parallel Process

<>Enter Password: [xxxx:Jumprun] (This is set for wait until hit key and Cancel(6)
<>Set Message Options:Trnsp, Mid, Fix, Disable Event Mv(Window format Trns, Window Position Did, Options uncheck Prevent hero from hiding and Allow other events to continue(You can check this if you want)
<>Set Screen Tone:(R100,G100,B100,S080), 1.0sec(This is what I’m using but you can use anything)
<>Fork Optn:Switch [xxxx:Running] - ON (I made this so you couldn’t keep pressing the run button to make you go faster)
: ELSE Case
....<>Show Choice: Run/Menu/Jump(In the first box put Run then next box Menu then Jump and make Choice 3 Be the cancel case
: [Run] Case
.......<>Set Message options:Norml,Bot,Auto,Disable Event Mv(Basically switch it back to the default)
.......<>Set Screen Tone:(R100,G100,B100,S100), 1.0sec(Move all the things back to their original postion)
.......<>Move Event... : Hero , Move Speed Up(
.......<>Change Switch : [xxxx: Running]-ON set
.......<>Wait: 5.0sec
.......<>Move Event...: Hero, Move Speed Dwn, Move Speed Dwn
.......<>Wait: 0.8sec
.......<>Move Event...: Hero, Move Speed Up
.......<>Wait: 4.0sec
.......<>Change Switch : [xxxx: Running]-OFF set
: [Menu] Case
.......<>Call System Menu
.......<>Set Message Options:Norml,Bot,Auto,Disable Event Mv(Back to reg)
.......<>Set Screen Tone:(R100,G100,B100,S100), 1.0sec
: [Jump] Case
.......<>Set Message Options:Norml,Bot,Auto,Disable Event Mv(Back to reg)
.......<>Set Screen Tone:(R100,G100,B100,S100), 1.0sec
.......<>Move Event...: Hero, Start Jump , Forward , Forward , End Jump
:END Case
:END Case

If you wish you can do another way to make it so you can only jump and run on Field maps but not indoors, Simply by adding one switch...and doing some other stuff...

Make the common event have the Appearance Conditions Switch checked and have a switch called fields.

On any place where you can run and jump put a Parallel Process event out of the way and make it turn on switch Fields then have parallel process events in the place you don’t want to run to turn the switch off.

That’s my tut!
(If used give me at least a tiny bit of credit!!!)