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Tutorial - 'Mining Cart Mini Game' by ATARI

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A tutorial on how to make an SMRPG style Mining Cart game.


Hi folks! It’s ATARI again. This time I’m going to talk about how to make scrolling a mining cart mini game for your RPG.

Things you need to know to use this tutorial

1. Password Events

2. Fork Options

3. Variables

4. Switches

5. Common Events

Now what do I mean when I say a mining cart mini-game? Well, if you’ve ever played Super Mario RPG,

there is a part of the game where you have to control a mining cart through a track and such and try to get a the best record of time and such. Also, if you get off the track, you lose time too. This tutorial tells you how to do this in your RPG.

Setting It up

First, you want to make a new character set of your hero in a mining cart. All you have to do is take your hero and edit them into the RTP mining cart. Then make a new map. Call it “track one.” Make it’s size about 100 x 100. This is too small for an actual map, but this is going to be what we’re using for this tutorial. Make a new event. Make it a parrell process, and have it’s starting condition be switch “TrackOn.” Make it a fork option that says, “If hero is facing, ‘right’, then” make it pan the screen right 1 chip, and move the hero with face right, move right, and then wait 0.2 seconds. In the else cases, do the same thing for when the hero is facing left, down, and up.

To make the map, make it have some of the following.

-Changing Directions a few times

-A few places where they would supposedly fall off.


Now make a new parrell process event. Put in a new enter password command. Make it use variable

“MiningMovement.” Select the box for (1,2,3,4,) and (5). Do not check, “wait until key hit.” Make a fork below the event that says, “IF variable ‘MiningMovement’ is equal to 5, then” make it move the hero with the following. Start Jump | Move Forward| Move Forward| Move Forward| End jump.| After that, make it wait 0.2 seconds. Now below that in the else case, make a fork option that says, “IF hero is facing right, then” and below that, make another fork that says, “IF variable ‘MiningMovement,’ is on,” and below that, make another fork that says, “IF switch, ‘TrackDirection’ is on,” have it make the hero face down. Now make two other forks for the “right facing,” making them move in the other directions, but not left. Here is a diagram of the direction numbers if you need them.


(2)Left (<--- DO NOT USE LEFT)



In the next else cases, do the same with the first fork being when the hero is facing up. Do three forks with that, and three forks with facing down. This set’s it up, so you can only move when the track allows you to change directions.

If you want to know why you do not use left, it is because, that would just make you go backwards. Now you know why 100 x 100 can be a small map.

Falling and Getting off track (pun intended)

Now on the track, where you have breaks in the track, make a new event. Make it “On Hero Touch.” Make it turn off switch “TrackOn,” and then make a move event event with the following. | Start Slipstream | Face Down| Move Down * x| (x representing how make tiles it is down.) (* representing multiplication for those who don’t know that) End Splitsream.| Wait 1.4 seconds, and then teleport back to the tile after the falling, (or at the nearest begging of a track, if the fall event is more than one tile long. Note that falling events should be more than one tile long, and each have different events in them.) Then after that, wait 0.3 seconds, and turn on switch “TrackOn.”

Now for how to make in take time away and such when you fall off the track. Around the track edges, make events that surround them, three deep on each side. Each event should be on hero’s touch, and they should do the following. Turn off switch “TrackOn,” shake screen, for 2.5 seconds, wait 2.5 seconds, wait .4 seconds, and then teleport you back to the track edge, face the direction you should be going, wait 1.0 seconds, and then turn on switch “TrackOn.”

Objects on the track

Next, let’s work on making objects that are on the track. You can make whatever kind of objects you want, but I’m just going to show a basic object. This object will be a ghost that grabs your hero for about 5 seconds, and a speed up item. Now you can make events that are like the gators in Donkey Kong on the mine levels, or any other object that you want to put on the track.

- Speed Up.

Make an event on the track. Make it below hero, and on hero touch. Make it turn off switch “TrackOn,” and turn on switch “TrackSpeed,” and switch “SpeedUpOne.” Make a new page for this event, that the starting condition is switch “SpeedUpOne.” (When making multiple events of this, use different switches, like SpeedUpTwo, and so on) Now on the event that had the starting condition switch of “TrackOn.” make a new page. Make that new page’s starting condition switch be “TrackSpeed,” and be a parrell process. Make it Move hero speed up one, then make a label, and then below the label, have it pan 2 chips, and move in the directions. Make sure it has the forks and such. At the end of the events, go back to the label. Now make a common event in the database. Have it’s starting switch be “TrackSpeed.” Make it an auto start event. Make it wait 5 seconds, and then turn off switch “TrackSpeed,” and on with


- Ghost.

This one is simple. All you have to do, is make an event on the track, that is on hero touch and below hero with ghost graphics. Turn off switch “TrackOn,” and then make it shake the screen, and wait while doing that for five seconds. Turn on switch “GhostOne,” wait 0.1, and then on with switch “TrackOn.”

Setting The Records and timer

Now, when you enter into the track, turn on switch “TimeTrackOne.” Now make a new common event, make it a parrell process, and have the starting switch be “TimeTrackOne.” Now in this event, have it do the following. “Wait 1.0 second,” and then add to variable “TrackOneTime.” Now on the 4 tiles of the track, make it turn off the switch “TimeTrackOne.” Then teleport you to a place that would represent the

end of the track. Have a person come out and greet you with a message. “Your total time was \v[xx] seconds, the record time is \v[yy] seconds. Change [xx] with the variable number that “TrackOneTime” was, and [yy] represents the variable “HighScore.” Below that message, make a fork that says, “IF variable ‘TrackOneTime’ is lower than “HighScore,” then” make the greeter say a message, “You’ve beaten the record time now!” Then make a change variable event, that sets variable “HighScore” to 0, and then below that, wait 0.1 seconds, and then make another change variable event that sets the value of “TrackOneTime” to variable “HighScore,” wait 0.1, seconds, and then set variable “TrackOneTime” to 0. Then make the greeter say something like “The new record time is now \v[yy]!” In the else case, make the greeter say, “Try Again next time, to see if you can beat the record!” You can also make it so that you get prizes if your time is below certain things, or whenever you beat the record, or things like that.

Good Luck!


“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”