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Tutorial - 'Shooting and Hearing III' by ATARI

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The 3rd part to the shooting and hearing series.


Hi folks! It’s ATARI again! This time I’m writing about Shooting and Hearing, Part III.

What you will need to know to use this tutorial
1. Fork Options
2. Password Events
3. Variables
4. Set Event Commands
5. Switches

With the last Shooting and Hearing Tutorial, we left off with how to make a weapon that does splash damage, and how to make guards hear splash damage, or when they are hit, and make them go into “Alert Mode.”

Limited Movement Objects

What weapons have limited movement? That answer? Grenades of course, or maybe crossbows (bow and arrow, whatever) for items with limited movement. Anyway, this part of the tutorial is about how to make those kind of items. Remember, each switch for different weapons, you have to turn on those switches for them to work, and make it so when you have them, the switches turn on.

First, go back to the map that you were doing the events on for the shooting and hearings and go into the “Shooting System” Event. Make a new page in that event, and make that page’s starting condition switch be “Grenade.” Now go back to the shooting system event and copy everything, and paste it in the second page for our “grenade.” Now go to the events that move the bullet, and change the “change graphics” part, and remove all put one of the speed up, and the increase frequency events. Instead of a bullet, change the graphics to a grenade character set that bounces. (Make the animation for it bounce.)

Now under the move event events (under the fork options for what direction the hero is facing) make a wait 1.0. Under that, turn on a switch called “Grenade_Explode.” Then wait 2.5, and return the bullet back to it’s original place, change the graphic back to the blank graphic, and turn off the switch. Do the same thing with the other fork options that are in that event. Now make a new event. Make it a parrell process event, and have it’s starting condition switch be, indeed, “Greande_Explode.” Name the event “GrenadeProperties One.” Now in the event, make it change the event “bullet”’s graphics to the graphic of an explosion.

Now have “Splash One” Through “Splash Four” Come out and surround the event bullet. To do this, set the event bullet’s, X and Y Coordinate’s be set into the variable, (you guessed it) “BulletX” and “BulletY” Then have the splashes go to that event using the set event command and come out, like you did in the previous shooting and hearing tutorial.

Next, we are going to make it so it works with objects that aren’t grenade like, (explosive) and use weapons like crossbows. (Sneaky Sneaky!) Since crossbows and arrows are pretty much silent, there isn’t going to be any sound events coming from them.

Now go into the “Shooting System” Event. Make a new page, copy the grenade page, and make this
one’s starting condition be switch “Crossbow.” Now in the forks, instead of having it turn on switch “Greande_Explode,” have it change it’s graphics to a fallen arrow, and wait a few moments, change the graphics, and return it to it’s original spot.

Hearing the “bounce.”

What does that mean? That means guards can hear when the grenade bounces, if they are close enough.

Now go back into your “shooting system” event. Now remove the wait 2.5 seconds event. Insert a wait 0.5 second event, and set the variable “BulletX” to the bullet’s x coordinate, and “BulletY” to the Y Coordinate. Then 4, “Alerting Event’s” there. Have them come out in a square, the wait 0.5, seconds, and have it do the same thing. Do this again and again until you have 2.5 seconds. Then do the same thing in all the other fork options as well. Since we already have it set up that the guards go after you when the “Alerting” events reach them, they will go after you when the grenade comes, which in the process, can save them from the explosion the grenade, making your guards in your game seem more real than they would have otherwise.

That’s it for Shooting and hearing part III.

Good Luck!
“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”