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Tutorial - 'Boredom System' by ATARI

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A tutorial on how to make a borden system. Similar to the one in Commander Keen. Whahay!


Hi folks. It’s ATARI again. This time I’m going to talk about how to make characters act bored in your RPG.

Things you need to know for this tutorial:
1. Common Events
2. Fork Options
3. Variables
4. Set Event Command
5. Labels
6. Switches
7. Password Events

So what do I mean when I say “make characters act bored?” Well, in some games, if your hero doesn’t
move a for a certain amount of time, they may start to blink, or yawn, or something like that. Some prominent examples of that comes from the Game Commander Keen. When you didn’t move him for
some time, he would yawn, read a book, etc. This tutorial is talking about how to make your characters in an RPG do the same.

The first thing that you need to make is some character poses. Some quick ones that you can think of, and can probably do quickly, is making your characters yawn, and blink. Just be sure that they don’t have movement animations (Not three in a line), unless you feel you want to. (but they won’t be used, so that would be mostly just wasting time.) Also, make sure you know what order they come in, and what direction they would be facing. Once you have them done, save their files. In this tutorial, I will be doing it with three different animations, but you can do with it as many as you want. You can make as many as you want.

Now go into your database (F8), and click on the common events tab. Make a new common event. Call it “Bored Event.” Make it a Parrell process with starting condition switch of “BoredEvent1.” Make the first thing in the event be a label event. Below that, wait 4.0 seconds. Then memorize hero position using variables “HeroBoredX” and “HeroBoredY” to set the X and Y cooridinates, and the variable “HeroBoredID” to set for the map ID variable.” Then below that, put in a wait 11.0 seconds. Then do another memorize hero position event. This time use different variables of “HeroBored2X,” “HeroBored2Y” and
“HeroBored2ID.” Wait 0.1 seconds, and then put a fork option below that event. In the fork option, make it say, “IF variable ‘HeroBoredX’ is equal to ‘HeroBoredX2’, then,” right below that fork (under the fork, not in an else case or anything), put another fork that says, “If variable ‘HeroBoredY’ is equal to variable ‘HeroBoredY2’, then.” Under the else case of the forks, make it go back to the label and set all the variables you have used to 0.

Now below the fork option (NOT IN THE ELSE CASE), make it turn on switch “BoredEvent2.” Below that,
make a wait 2.0 seconds, and make the hero’s graphics change to the hero yawning by using a move event command and usihg the change event command, and doing the following. |Face (What direction the first yawn pose is) | change graphics (to yawn graphics) | wait a moment | face (what direction the second yawn is | wait a moment | Face (what direction the third yawn is) | Wait a moment | Face (What direction the last yawn is) | change graphics (back to normal graphics). | Now below that, make it wait 20 seconds, memorize the hero position using the variables “HeroBoredX,” “HeroBoredY” and
“HeroBoredID.” Then do the same fork options to see if your hero is on the same position as before. So make a fork comparing them. Have the else case be the same. Then make move event event to make the characters graphics look like they are blinking. Then do a wait 30.0 seconds, do the same forks as you did before, with the same else case conditions as before, the make the move event event make your hero start to read, or whatever you want. You probably have figured out the pattern to doing the poses for when your hero gets bored. Hit the apply button and click on a new common event on the side of the screen.

Now, make a new common event, make it a parrell process. Make it’s starting conidition switch be
“BoredEvent2.” Name the common event “Bored Event 2.” (I’m so creative.) Now insert a enter password
event. Choose the variable “BoredPassword.” Check the box beside the “(1)(2)(3)(4).” Do not check anything else. Below that insert a wait 0.4 second event. Then put in a label that is different from the label you used before. Below that then, make a fork option that says, “IF variable ‘boredpassword’ is equal to ‘1’, then.” Now below that fork (not in the else case), make it turn off switch “BoredEvent1,” for 0.5 seconds, then turn on the switch again, change the hero’s graphics back to normal, and then off with switch “BoredEvent2.” Now in the else case, make a fork that says, “IF variable ‘BoredPassword’ is equal to ‘2’, then” make it do the same below the fork, and in the else case, make it a fork for when it is equal to “3.” Then below that, make it do the same, and in the else case, make it a fork for when it is equal to “4.” Then make it do the same again, below that fork, and in the final else case, go back to the starting label of “Bored Event 2.”

Now the purpose of that event, was to make sure that your hero doesn’t move and come backk to that
same position in enough time.

Now you have created a bored hero waiting system in your RPG.

Good Luck!
“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”