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Tutorial - 'Batch of RM2K Mini-Tuts' by Lizardman

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Lizardman covers several small tasks in RM2K coding, explaining how they are done!


OK... this is a BIG bunch of tutorials. All of which, I figured out by looking at other peoples stuff, then cutting corners on it! Let's get started on #1!

The Ghost Coin (Death Medallion)
I once had this idea for a maze, where you had to become a ghost to get through the walls, but there were mystic walls, other ghosts, ghost hunters, and keys too. This also gave me a chance to make a way where you could only see so far. Here's how I did it.
Step 1: The item
Make an item (Attatched to a switch), name it something like "Death Medallion" or "Ghost coin" or something. The switch it is attatched to will be called GHOST ACTIVATE.
Stap 2: The common event
First, make a fork condition. It will check to see if GHOST ACTIVATE is ON. It will have an exception case. Inside this event, have another fork condition, no exception case. It will check if the new switch (GHOST ON) is on. Inside THIS condition, put in Change hero's walk graphics to some ghost graphics, Move event transparancy up, or down (I forget which way), start slip through, and change switch GHOST ON to ON. Change switch GOST ACTIVATE to OFF. Inside of the Exception case, put in a third fork condition, checking ifthe switch GHOST ON is ON, No exception case. Inside this condition, we will put in the exact oposite of the last condition. Change switch GHOST ACTIVATE to OFF.
That's how you make a death medalion. A mystic wall, is a wall, which when stepped on by a ghost, makes them step back. You probably know how that was done.

Extremely simple time.
I was sitting around on RM2K, thinking about ways to do things I know there are tutorials for, but won't read them. When all of a sudden, it hit me. TIME! Here's how I made my complex (and usless) time system!

Step 1: the watch
First we make a switch item, that activates the switch TIME ZONE. and that's it for this step!

Step 2: The common event
The first thing we put is a fork condition, checking if switch TIME ZONE is OFF. With an exception case. Inside this condition we put in the following:
Wait for 1 second
Change Variable: Second +1
Fork Condition: Variable: Second = 60
Change variable: Minut +1
Change Variable: Second set 0
Fork Conditions: Variable: Minut = 60
Change Variable: Hour +1
Change Variable: Minut set 0
Fork Condition: Variable: Hour = 24
Change Variable: Day +1
Change Variable: Hour set 0
Fork Condition: Variable: Day = 7
Change Variable: Week +1
Change Variable: Day set 0
Fork Condition: Variable: Week = 4
Change Variable: Month +1
Change Variable: Week set 0
Fork Condition: Variable: Month = 12
Change Variable: Year +1
Change Variable: Month set 0
In the Exception place a message. It says:
Minut: (Variable Minut) Hour: (Variable Hour)
Day: (Variable Day) Week: (Variable Week)
Year: (Variable Year)
Then change switch TIME ZONE to OFF.
That's all! It looks so-so, and does the job!

OH JOY! Here comes one of the stupidest things I've ever made! An add-on to that last tutorial! My god was I bored, or what? Anyway, it's a weather thing!
Fork Condition: Variable: Months 1+
Wait 60 seconds
Call Weather: Rain, weak
Wait 30 Seconds
Call Weather: Rain, Medium
Wait 30 Seconds
Call Weather: Rain, Strong
Wait 30 Seconds
Call Weather: Rain, Medium
Wait 30 seconds
Call Weather: Rain, Weak
Wait 30 Seconds
Call Weather: None.
Fork Condition: Variable: Months 7+
(repeat, only with snow)
Yah, I know, it's crap, and you have to play for a whole REAL month to get to the next weather effect! I hve no idea what the hell I was thinking!

Signs in games, dumb, or what? You can read them from behind! So, I made this tutorial so that you can only read them from the front only. Like you care, right?
It's pretty easy, in the sign event, have a fork condition, checking if the hero is faceing up. Then, if he is, put in the message the sign is supposed to display, and that's it!

Custom Battle Systems
My favorite passtime in RM2K was always making a way how not to use the RTP battle system. Heh, kinda dumb, but now I know that many people WANT ways to do this! So here's just a few of 'em!

Common event:
Set password: Space bar
Change switch: ATTACK to ON
Change graphics: hero: Attack graphics
Play SE: Attack sound
Wait 0.5 Seconds
Change Graphics: Hero: Walking Graphics
Change Switch: ATTACK to OFF

Enemy event:
Page 1:
Common touch-
Flash hero red
play hurt SE
move this event away frm hero
change HP -5

Page 2-
Switch: ATTACK-
Common touch-
flash this event red
Play hurt SE
Move this event away from hero
change variable This monster's HP +5

Page 3-
Variable: This monser's HP = 40
Graphics: Clear-
Stay Still-
Below hero-
does nothing
That's how I did it! Yah, that's probably gonna be realy confusing for you, try someone elses tutorial if you want to learn the ABS.

MBS (Mind Battle System)
Here is the most innovative, pathetic thing I'v ever made in a CBS.
First, you change a variable, named X to hero's X position. Then Y, then the hero's map ID.
Teleport to the battle screen. On this screen are 3 little things on your side of the field. There are 3 things on the enemy's side. You try to step on each one, press space, and change them into nothing. The enemy will try to walk onto your 3 things, and change them. You can change yours back, and he can change his back. I hope that the way this was done is as obvious to you as it was to me.

Have you ever thought of makeing a living maze? A living maze is a maze where the wall sections MOVE! As seen in Robocks. Quite basicaly, you make a maze. Each section of wall is an event set to random movement. You enter through one side, and exit the other! Simple, huh?

The push blocks! That's where you have to push some blocks around, until you can pass by. The event is pretty simple, each block is an event at the same level as the hero. Set it to AT HERO TOUCH. When you touch it, it will move away from hero, unless can't be moved. You probably know what I'm saying (Unless you're an extreme newB, and haven't even read the instructions yet!

Set password: Spacebar
Move event: Hero
Change graphics to jumping, start jump, forward, forward, end jump, Change graphics to walking.
Ignored, if can not move.That's all!

Bugs! I once put a bunch of bugs in my game. They were all over the game world (I make my games all on one map) They never even bothered me, cuz I could walk over them. It was prety easy to do! You guys probably know how to do this. The graphics of the event are of a bug, and it's below the hero, and it walks in randoom directions!

Pit holes. A pit hole, is where the dirt is loose, and you can fall through. I make these often, because they can drive people so berzerk! The only problem is that it slows down game testing, and takes up switches. Basicaly, you step on the event. It changes a switch (Hole 1) and teleports you back to the entrance. Sometimes they actualy go one step further, and have thier holes do damage! It's obvious, easy, and so damn frustrating!

You know those big vending machines, where you put in a quarter, and a little package pops out, and you have no idea which prize will be inside? Well those are easy to make! First, you make your event. Show a choice( put in a quarter yes/no) Under yes, put a fork condition, checking if you have 25 G. If you do, then remove 25 G, and change a variable named random item to a random between 1-however many prizes you have. Then you use a fork condition where that variable is equal to 1. have it add the irst prize. Repeat that, only with all of the other prizes.

Here are some ideas for cities:
A city hanging from the side of a cliff
A city flying in the sky
A city hanging from vines in trees
A city built around the trunks of trees
A city floating on water alone
A city underwater
A city underground
A city sitting on top of a tower
A city in space
A city on the moon
A city on the sun
A city that exists inside of the worm holes, or teleport rifts, or space webs, or whatever
A city made out of living material
A robot city

Yup! That's all been featured in my games! None of which will ever be up for download, because they sucked! I don't see what anyone would ever use this stuff for, but, hey! Why not tell ya anyway?