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Tutorial - 'Basic CMS Tutorial' by Dart64

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Dart64 gives a general explanation for creating a very simple, easy CMS for your games using maps in RM2K.


This tutorial is for people who do not understand how to make Custom Menu Systems,or CMSes.
I've compiled this tutorial to help those in need.

Now, let's start.

Open Rm2k,or Rm2k3,or whatever you use.
Now, you, the author of your game, have to decide on which kind of menu you want: Teleporting or Picture-Based. Picture-Based menus are more complex,but are better and give your game an edge.Teleporting menus are very simple,basically for beginners,a 'first-shot' at CMS coding.
This tutorial will explain how to make a Teleporting CMS.

Follow the next few steps to begin:

1. Make a new map, name it "Menu", set it's chipset to a chipset that will suit a menu, I've seen such chipsets of Make it as large as you want it to be, and if there's an additional background you want to include, remember to include that parallax in the Map Properties.Remember that you will need to make a different map for each separate sub-menu, such as the Items or Equipment Screens.

2. After making the map, make the basic formation of your menu.You must use charasets to spell out things on your menu,such as "Items".Make sure those letter events are set to Fixed Graphic or Fixed Direction or it will spell a totally different word.

3. To make a cursor for the map,make an event by the end of each word. Make separate switches for each sub-menu, E.X: Make a "ChooseItems" switch for the Items sub-menu. In the event conditions for each event,make sure that switch has to be ON.Give each event the graphic of the cursor,and have each switch pertaining to each sub-menu, E.X: The event by the word "Items" will have the cursor event,in the event conditions the switch "ChooseItems" has to be ON.

4. Make a separate event, parallel process or auto start,whichever you prefer. In this event have a series of forks, each checking if the "Choose" switches are on, such as the switch "ChooseItems". In each fork, have an Enter Password checking if the player presses enter while each different switch is on (remember enter=5). If the player does press enter, teleport the hero to the sub-menu pertaining to that switch, E.X: when the switch "ChooseItems" is ON and the player presses enter, the hero is teleported to the Items Sub-menu.

Now,you have a full-fledged CMS. Good Job!

The menu won't work by itself, you'll have to code in showing items and everything like that.
But remember: Make a common event for your menu, parallel process, doing the following, or it will not work correctly and you will not be able to get to the menu:

Disable System Menu
Enter Password
Fork: EnterPassVar = 6
True: Memorize Place
Teleport: MenuMap

This tutorial is only for making the basic CMS.
If you need any help coding a Dynamic Item System for you menu,or anything like that,just PM me and I'll show you how.