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Tutorial - 'Stats in a CMS' by fyreflie

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fyreflie explains how to display character statistics in an RM2K CMS. A good tutorial!


If you have seen my other two tutorials, you will know how to make a CMS and do items for it (That works with the DBS). Now, in part 3 of these tutorials that I rarely write, you will learn to show stats, such as HP, MP, and attack power in the menu.


Firstly, you must create variables for all the different stats. I will be calling mine:
Hikaru Level
Hikaru Experience
Hikaru HP
Hikaru Max HP
Hikaru MP
Hikaru Max MP
Hikaru Attack
Hikaru Defence
Hikaru Mind Force
Hikaru Agility.

You must do this for all of the party members.

Step One - The common event.
* Make it parallel process.
*Change Variable-Set (choose the Level Variable)-LEVEL
At the bottom of the variable option thing, you will notice that there is an option called Hero. Click this and choose "Level".
* Do this for all stats and heroes. Simple, yet tedious.

Step Two- The events in the menu.
*All you must do for this, is create events, on condition variable... =1. Choose an appropriate number graphic.
Do this for variables 2,3,............... to the maximum amount.

And that concludes my short but tedious tutorial. Only attempt this if you dare!

Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have.