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Tutorial - 'Interest on a Bank Account' by Guest

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A tutorial that just adds a little reality to your game. You will need to understand how to make a Bank and a Game timer, both of those tutorials can be found at this site aswell.


Fist off you should know how to use the following (If you don’t this tutorial may confuse you!!):

W Common events

W How to change Variables and just knowing variables in general

W How Switches work and how to use them

W Fork Options (I may call them loops sometimes but if I do I mean these things)

NOW! On to the second part!

You need to create a common event that automatically starts when a switch is turned on when an hour has passed in the timer from the other tutorial. This mean you make a switch turn on to start this event when an hour has been added to the counter. you need to make sure that you use the same switch to turn the event on is the same one you use to turn it off. I called mine interest time. This will also only run if you have more then 10 dollars in your account.



< > FORK Optn: Varbl[####: account] >,10

< > Variable Ch: [####: interest] Set, Var[####:account]

< > Variable Ch: [####: interest] /,10

< > Variable Ch: [####: account] +, Var[####:account]

< >

:END Case

< > Switch Ch: [####: interest time] Off

< >


Ok so basically every hour the interest is turned on and will get the amount of cash you have in the account, divide it by 10 and add it back into your account. This will only happen you have more then 10 bucks in your bank account

And there you have it an interest system for your game! I tried to be as through as humanly possible but if you have any questions or comments you can e-mail me at I am working on other tutorials so look out for them as well.