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Tutorial - 'Offensive Division (Gravity) Spells' by Gunnar_Videmoen

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Gunnar_Videmoen (UltimWeap?) explains how you can duplicate the lovable Final Fantasy Gravity spells into your RM2K games.


Ever played Final Fantasy 7 of 8?
Ever seen the gravity spells which halved the enemy's HP?
Making gravity magic in RM2K is easy. All you need to know is:

  1. Change Variable

  2. Change Monster's Hp

Let's start:

  1. Make three BA's

  2. Make three skills:

  3. -Gravira
    -Make their classification: Switch
    -Avaible only in Battle
    -No sound effect
    -MP cost and using message can you decide.
    -Make three switches:
  4. Click on the monsters party button

  5. Below the enemy you can see something called battle events.

  6. On the first page click on the [...] at the right side of the text.This is called a trigger.

  7. Click switch.Then select Gravira.

  8. Click on the [OK] button.

  9. The text box should look like this:

  10. Trigger: Switch: [????:Gravira]-ON

    The ???? stand for the switch number

  11. In the big box below, double click on a free line.

  12. Click [Show Battle Animation...]

  13. -Select the Gravira Animation
    [!-You can only attack one or all enemies!]
    -Select which enemy,one or all.
    -Make sure [Wait till end of animation] is checked.

  14. Double-click on a new line.

  15. -Change variable:
    - One:[????:Enemy HP]
    -Enemy Hp

  16. New line:

  17. -Change variable:
    -One:[????Enemy HP]
    -This time, check the [/] which stands for divide.
    -Then click set,then enter 8.
    -This will divide the enemy's HP with 1/8

  18. New line:

  19. -Change enemy's HP
    -Variable: [????:Enemy HP]

  20. New line:

  21. -Show message
    Enemy lost \V[????] HP!

  22. New line:

  23. - Change switch:[????:Gravira]-OFF set

There! The enemy's HP is down by 1/8!
The rest of the skill is most likely the same, BUT REMEMBER THIS:

-Always change the switch numbers.
-Divide by 4 for Demi
-Divide by 2 for Gravija

-That's it! Easy,huh?