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Tutorial - 'Medabots RPG DBS' by jordyce

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A nice tutorial written by Jordyce on how to put Medabot battle system concepts into the RM2K3 DBS!


:: Medabots RPG Default Battle System ::

Tutorial written by Jordyce -
Website -

So lately I just completed the excellent Medabots RPG on my new GBA-SP,
and I loved the battle system so much that I decided to write a
tutorial on integrating it into the Rm2k3 DBS. Also please note that
the commands shown are from Soulfangs release. So just be aware that
some command names may be different from your Rm2k3.
Have fun with my first Rm2k3 tutorial!

Before we start, you need to know the following RM2k3 commands:
-Battle Commands
-Battle Events
-Variables with Equipment and Fork Conditions.
-Common Events
-Creation of Items
-Changing the Terms/Vocab
-BattleChara Design (Optional)
If you really want to make it look good then make/find a good
BattleChara that looks like a robot. I suggest getting a robot that
looks normal, one floating, one flying another with strange legs and
one swimming. This is best suited for a Medabots DBS.

1. First create a character, which will actually be the Medabots
For an example I will use this layout:
Name: Tin-Pet*
Class: Male*
Charaset: Blank (Seriously, No image!)
Faceset: Picture of Tin-Pet*
BattleCharaset: Normal Robot* (This can be changed later)
* = Can be changed. Anything not listed here is whatever.

2. Now lets go to the Terms/Vocab section, tab 5. Now change each
slot to fit a part. Here is an example:
Mp - Medaforce
Mp (Abb) - Mf
Weapon - Head
Shield - L. Arm
Armor - R. Arm
Helmet - Legs
Other - Medal

3. Lets go to the item section. In here make an item in each section
for each Medabot's Medaparts. Let's have an example of Medabee.
A. Name - Missle
Class - Weapon (Or Head Medapart)
Hands - One-Handed! Always one-handed!
Anything else can be changed. It does not need a using
animation or battle animation, YET. You should still make
a BattleAni, but it won't need a Using Animation. I also
suggest you give it an
attack power around 40, since it only does it's Attack Power in
damage. (No variation)
B. The rest is obvious, just do the same for every part, except
for legs which should only raise agility. Except for the medal:
Name - Kabuto Medal
Class - Other (Or Medal)
Stats - Anything, but have attack power always at 0.
If you want your medabot to be resistant to an effect or element
you should do so. Resist putting a Medaforce (Aka Magic) skill
on the medal as it will learn that later.

4. Equip these parts to the Tin-Pet and switch to battle setup. Make
events and call them Use Head, Use L.Arm, Use R.Arm, Medaforce+
and Use Mf. All of them should link to battle event except for
Use Mf which should just open the skill menu. Go to battle events
an make an event like this: Combat Command - TinPet - Use Head -
Choose. Now make a fork condition like = Is Missle Equipped. To do
this variables will get involved, but it is simple enough. Inside
these Forks you should put what your weapon does in that area.

5. That’s the system done, but we want Medaforce! This is simple enough.
Just make a common event that is a Parallel Process and make a
fork condition (No ELSE case) that is If TinPet has Kabuto Medal
Equipped and then make another fork in that fork that asks if
Tinpet is under level 10 (When it learns medaforce, Else case
needed) and make it add medaforce Ultra Shot or something. In the
else case have it remove Ultra Shot medaforce.

6. You just created a clone of the Medabots RPG battle system in your
DBS! It may not have the great graphics, but it still works!



Q1. How can I have various Medaforces?
A1. Easy! Just create another Fork condition under the normal case
of the Tinpet level one which exactly the same but change the
level and medaforce learn/forget.

Q2. How do I do multiple Medabots?
A2. Copy, Paste, and Repeat, until your done.



The people who asked questions - For helping make the FAQ section!

If you have any comments, questions etc... please email them to me:

See you in my next tutorial which will be for Rm2k.