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Tutorial - 'FF3 Edgar Tools' by MaxMaverick

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MaxMaverick explains how you can create a Tools command similar to Edgar's in Final Fantasy 3/6. A good read!


This tutorial is supposed to show you how to make a tools sytem like Edgar has in FF3. If you haven't played/gotten that far in FF3 it goes like this:

The person who uses tools has tools instead of magic etc.

If you have a tool, let's say a Bio Blaster, you would get that as a tools skill.

For example if you have the Items:Sound Blaster and Autocross bow, that person would have the Tools skills: Sound Blaster and Auto Cross bow. You get it now?


Ok. So let's say our tool user's name is Joe. So joe has the tool's skill box right? So if you don't know what I'm talking about, read the following paragraph if you do, skip it.

So you don't know how? Well go to the database (F8) and go to the heroes tab. Go to Joe's profile, and you see the litte check box next to TechSkill Slot Name. Check it, and in the little type box write: "Tools".

Ok. So you've got it set correctly. Now go to the Skills tab on the database and make the skills for the tools. It really doesn't matter what the skill says but it has to have:

0 Mp Cost

And I suggest it to hit all enemys.

Okay, now from there there is 2 things you can do:

(1) The Easy Way (Suggested for n00bs)
You make the tools items under the classification "Book" and "Use" it on him to make him learn it.

(2) The Hard Way
You make them common goods items and make a common event with a fork option for every tools item in the game.

Okay, since the first one is self-explanatory, I'll show you how to do the hard one.

First go to common events and make it paralell process. Next you can set the switch to something like "Joe in Party" or you can set it to nothing- it doesn't really matter. Here is what the code should look like.

<>Fork Optn: Auto Crossbow Have (hold)
<>Change T. Skills: Joe- AutoCrossbow->Memory
<>Else Case
<>End Case
<>Fork Optn: Sound Blaster Have (hold)
<>Change T. Skills: Joe- SoundBlaster->Memory
<>Else Case
<>End Case

Then make another fork here.

You get it? Good.

This is my first tutorial, I hope you like it.