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Tutorial - 'The Good Stuff Item!' by stupid systemus

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stupid systemus gives a simple tutorial on creating a give-all item for bug testing, reviewing, and cheating in your RM2k games!



As far as tutorial making, this has got to be the shortest and to the point tutorial I've ever made.

This tutorial involves making a hidden item that makes the whole party invincible with levels, HP, MP, L-M-N-O-P, and stats fully maxed out for the whole game. All you need is to make an it whatever you want in the database.....I named mine "The Good Stuff". Make the classification as a SWITCH and have the item be used in the Field by checking on the Field check box. Make a switch for the event, name it whatever you want. Make the number of used to limitless. You can't sell it either. So make the price to zero.

Now, in the common events section, make a new common event, call it whatever you want. Make the event start condition as Parallel Process. Check the box in the appearance condition switch and choose the switch you made. Now add in the events command section commands to making the hp, mp, and levels of the whole party to the highest level. 999, 999 (i think), and 50, respectively. You can also add the command that maxes out your money to the highest possible, 999999. Also, you can add other commands like fully heal your party.

After all of this is done....add a wait command and make the wait time to 0.0. You think this has no purpose, but this separates the operations implemented in the commands for maxing out levels and money from the stopping of the loop. With out a loop stopper this common event will probably cause errors in your game. Now, after the wait command, add a change switch command. Choose the switch you made for the item we're talking about. Turn it OFF. Now your done making an item that maxes out your whole party.

This item is pretty useful to the game testers and game reviewers in the staff, it makes playing the game a blaze. A bit of warning though. Some games make the conditions and events to be controlled or driven by character levels, stats, HP, MP, and money. This will mess up the game and prevent important events from happening in the game...This item should be used by the staff and may be added by the game developers as a very secret hidden item in their games.