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Tutorial - 'Translucent Message Boxes' by slackerboy

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Learn how to create those ever so popular translucent message boxes in RPGMaker 2000


This should be a rather short tutorial, another one written in a fit of boredom on a rainy Tuesday night... But anyway, I think this is a very cool, easy feature for rm2k that makes the game seem generally a lot cleaner and smoother. So, I decided to write a short tutorial, seeing as there is not one at GW yet. Incase the title was unclear, this tutorial explains how to make translucent (semi-see-through) message boxes in rm2k.

*NOTE!!! IMPORTANT!!! - Make sure you use different ID’s for the 2 pics you will be using! Don’t get mad and say it does not work, because its probably just you, considering I use this exact method and it works perfectly!


Here it goes. Firstly, you will need to have two common events: Message Box Display and Message Box Erase. These are necessary because you will need to show message boxes quite often, and without common events, you would have to have about 6 more lines of coding than you need. You also need to make 2 pictures. Make them each 320x80 pixels. For the first one, basically design the frame, or border, of the message box. The second one should be the same as the first, just fill in the middle area and erase the border. Make sure you set the transparent color correctly when you import it to rm2k!

Message Box Display
This common event displays the message box (duhhhhhhhhhhh). The first line of code in the common event should set the message style to bottom, transparent. This way, the regular system graphic message box will appear over our cool translucent one o_O! The next line should be a Show Picture command that displays the frame with coordinates 160, 200, with 100% magnification, and with 0% transparency. Also, show the background pic at the same coords, also with 100% magnification, but this one with 45-55% transparency.

Message Box Erase
All thats on this common event is an Erase Picture command for each of the pictures.


That’s all there is to it! However, there is one way to make it much, much cooler. You could quite easily make the message box zoom in and zoom out! To do this simple, but awsome effect, all you need to do is change a bit in each of the common events.

In Message Box Display...
In this event, you need to change both Show Picture commands. All you need to do to them is change them to magnification 0%. Then, make a Move Picture command with the same ID as the frame pic. The Move Picture command should have the same settings, but with 100% magnification instead of 0%. Also, you should set a reasonably fast move time. I use 0.2 seconds, and I recommend it. Do the same thing for the message box background pic, but make sure it has 45-55% transparency in the Show and Move pic commands.

In Message Box Erase...
All you need to do in here is add Move Picture commands before the Erase Picture commands. The Move Picture commands should have 0% magnification and once again probably a 0.2 second move speed.

You may be thinking one of two things right now relating to this tutorial - that is if you are thinking anything at all. This thought could be, “What?!” Or it could be, “Why the hell did you write a tutorial on something so SIMPLE?!?!111!/?11!??!!” The answer is this: I felt like it. Also, I’ve been asked, I think twice, how to do this, so I also did this to shoo away the peeps with that question. Its really quite simple if you know what youre doing. Enjoy! :D