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Tutorial - 'DarpgmanX's TBS tutorial' by DarpgmanX

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This tutorial is part one and explains setting everything up.


****This is the first part of the series.****

****You have to be fairly familiar with rm2k to understand this tutorial****

****It will all fall in place once I release the demo add-on tutorial that refers to this tutorial soon*****

First set all of your variables up

Yea TBS take a while to program for every character I'll help explain

On my game it has the variables

The 1st 18 variables need to be the charcters stats.

____'s Lv
____'s Max Lv
____'s Hp
____'s Max Hp
____'s Mp
____'s Max Mp
____'s Attack
____'s Max Attack
____'s Defense
____'s Max Defense
____'s Magic Attack
____'s Max Magic Atk.
____'s Magic Defense
____'s Max Magic Def.
____'s Speed
____'s Max Speed
____'s Luck
____'s Max Luck

Notice I have 2 for each (Ex:Attack and Max Attack),The reason for this is because the Attack Variable is set to the Max Attack Variable,Say you are in battle and a enemy cast attack down on you it will effect the Attack Variable not your Max Attack Variable so in the ending results the attack down will be temporary and is returned to normal after battle or if the status effect is canceled and to do this just reset the Attack Variable to the Max Attack Variableand this rule goes for all other statistics as well.

Now To Add Additional variables

____'s AT (Active Time) A person gains a turn once it reaches 100

____'s Critical Effects the lethal damage done by physical or magical atks.
I suggest setting it between a random # 100 or below and when it is at a hundred the damage doubles that you deal.I'll get into the advance things you can do in later parts.

____'s Move Rate The amount of blocks the characters is able to move if move is set to 1 then the character can move one tile,It's simple Move+1 = 1+Tile

____'s Jump Rate The same thing goes for jump as move accept your jumping in height.

____'s Moral Rate Set this the characters will to fight,I suggest setting this from 0-10.If it is at 0 the character has no will to fight and will not act,I'll explain the advanced part of this variable functions in layet parts

____'s IP (Injury Points) This effects the rate of the character dying completely without return (Ex: Let's say a character injury points is at 10,That means if he is injured,Well Ko'ed in battle he loses a injury point and once it reaches 0 that character dies completely.For those fragile characters why not set it low like to 1 or 2 and piss people off

____'s Inate Ok each character have a inate fire,ice,etc. and if effects how much damage is done to you (Ex: A character with a Fire Inate will suffer 2x damage from a character using Ice Attacks or Magic and vice versa)

____'s Tech Slot # Ok each technique has a certain # and when the tech. is set to that number it performs the certain technique

____'s Magic Slot # Same as techs for magic spells

____'s Skill Slot # Same as techs and magic spells for skills

Tip: What's the Max party that you can have?,mine is 20 and yours may differ. so I have to make 20 x how ever many variables I have for each character,This is including Main characters,Hired Characters,and Guest Characters

Main Characters Self Explanatory
Hired Characters Those which can be enlisted or bought to recieve services
Guest Characters Those which may appear in your party and leave later

So wouldn't it be complicated to make all the variables if you wanted the numbr of hirable characters to be like 300 hundred...WRONG!!!! Heres how to do it.

Make a variable called Party Slot # this will keep track of your party members. also make 20 switches called Party Slot 1-20
Whenever A charcter join the party Add +1 to Party SLot # variable and turn the switch on to the desired slot the character is in.make a fork to check and see if Party Slot # is not above the max party amount you stated in this case I used 20
but if it is make it to were nobody else can join the party.

Now make another 20 x how many variables a character has and do this for each Party Slot

____'s Lv is set to P.Slot 1 Lv
____'s Max Lv is set to P.Slot 1 Lv
____'s Hp is set to P. Slot 1 Hp
____'s Max Hp is set to P.Slot 1 Max Hp

See the pattern ok now make another set for just the hirable characters
and there you have it.For every hirable character just reset the numbers on the hirable set to whatever you want. and then. set the hirable set to the party slot # numbers you put him/her in.and there you have it

That is all for Part I