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Tutorial - 'Medal System' by ATARI

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A tutorial on how to create a medal system, similar to the one found in Dark Cloud 2!


Hi folks! It’s ATARI again! This time I’m going to talk about how to make a dungeon medal system for your RPG!

Things that you will need to know for this tutorial:
1. Variables
2. Fork Options
3. Switches
4. Labels

So what do I mean when I say a “dungeon medal system?” Well, if you have ever played Dark Cloud 2, you might know what I am talking about. (I think it’s also in Dark Cloud 1 as well, but I haven’t played Dark Cloud 1, so I wouldn’t really know). What basically happens, is when you enter a dungeon, a list of things will pop up in front of you before you enter. These are the conditions that it takes to get “medals.” (For example, one of the things might be, to defeat all the monsters in the dungeon within 5 minutes.) So what good is it for the player of your game to get medals? Well, at some places, you can exchange your medals for items. These items are usually better and much different than the ones that you could buy at normal stores with normal money. For example, for 50 medals, you could buy yourself a special kind of armor, and those sorts of things.

Setting Up Medals

The first thing that you are going to do, is set up the medals. Go into your database (F8), and click on the items tab. Make a new item. Have this item be a “common goods” item. Have it’s price be 0. Name the item whatever you want your medals to be called in the game. (You can call it anything, from “fishtails”, to “Gold Pieces”, but for this tutorial, they will be called “medals.”) Below that, create another item. Make this item a “medicine” item. Name this item, “Super Potion.” Make it restore the hero’s health completely. Make the price of this item be five. Now, five for a potion that restores full hp is pretty cheap; but this isn’t to be bought with normal money. No no! This item’s cost is 5 medals, instead of normal money. This is the item that we will be using in the example store that you will be setting up in this tutorial.

Making a Medal Store

The next thing that needs to be set up, is a store where you can use the medals that you have to buy things. So on a map (any map that you would want a vendor who takes medals on), make a new event. Make this event a push key event, and have the graphics be the graphics of a person who you would want to have a medal store. Now the first thing that you want to put in for the commands of this event, is a message. Make the message say, “Welcome to my medal shop! You can only use medals here to buy things instead of money,” or anything like that, just so that the player knows that this isn’t any normal. Below that message event, put in a new change variable event. In here, make a new variable called “Medal_count.” Use this variable, and set it to the owned number of medals that the hero carries. To do this; under the operand section, click on the radio button that is beside the words, “Item.” In the first drop box, choose the item that you want to use. For this tutorial you will be selecting the “medal” item. In the next drop box, select “Owned Number” (or as in rm2k, it is “Owned No.”). Now hit the OK button on that. Next, make another new change variable event. This time, create and use a variable called “money_hold.” In here, set the variable to the amount of money that the hero has with them. To do this, under the operand part of the change variable event, click on the radio button that is beside the words, “Other.” In the drop box, select “Money.” Hit the OK button. Next, put in a message event that says, “You have /v[x] number of medals.” (Replacing [x] with the variable number of variable “Medal_count.” Wait 0.2 seconds, and then, put in a “change gold held” command. In here, click on the “decrease
money,” and make it so that it takes away “999999” money. (This sets your hero’s money down to zero.) Hit the OK button. Put in a wait 0.2 seconds event, and another change gold held event. This time, have it increase the money by the variable “Medal_count.” Hit the OK button. Now you are using medals as
your currency. Hit the apply button on the event.

Below that last command that you put in, put in a “call shop” event. Make the sales type “Norm.” Make the goods that are in the shop be your “Super Potion,” and nothing else. After the shop event, make a new change gold held command. Make it decrease money, and have it remove “999999,” put in a wait 0.2 seconds event, and then put in another change gold held command. Make it increase by the variable “money_hold.” Then put in a wait 0.1 event, and in a new change variable event, set the variable “medal_count” to 0, and then in another change variable event, put in a change variable event that sets the variable “money_hold” to zero as well. You now have a store that uses medals instead of normal money to buy items set up. The next thing that has to be made is a way to get medals.

Medal-Receiving System

The next part in a medal system for your RPG, is making something so that your hero can get medals. There are many different things that you can require your player to do to get medals. In this tutorial, I am just only going to cover one of the ways that your player can get medals, just so that you can get the feel for it, and when this tutorial is over, you can put in more ways of getting your player medals, and expand on this system.

Since this system is based off the system of medals in Dark Cloud 2, I’m going to be using one of ways that you could medals in dungeons, and that was to defeat all the monsters in the dungeon within a time limit.

First, create a new map. This map is only going to be a testing template map where you will make the basic system of this on. So make the map the smallest size possible, and name it “System Test Map.” When the tutorial is over, you can delete the test map if you want. Make the whole map nothing but grass. Also put your hero’s starting position on this map somewhere, so that you can test it out easy by just hitting the test play button. (And you can put back the starting position where it’s supposed to be in your game when you are done with this as well.)

On the map that you just created, make a new event. Make this event an “AutoStart” event, and call it “Timer Start.” In the event commands, make it turn on the switch “Timer_Start.” Then make a new page to the event, and have it’s starting condition switch be “Timer_Start.” Make sure that the second page of this is a push key event, and not an autostart event. Now go into your database (F8), and go into the common events tab. In here, create a new common event. Name your new common event “Dungeon Timer.” Make it’s starting condition switch be “Timer_Start”, and have this event be a parallel process event. The first thing that you want to put in here is change variable event. Make it set a new variable that we will call, “Dungeon_Timer” to 0. Next, put in a label event. Use whatever is the next avilable label for you in your game. (In this tutorial, I will just call this “label one.”) So, put in a label event. Below that, put in a wait 1.0 seconds command. (Not a 0.1 seconds.) After that, put in another change variable command. In here, make it add one to the variable, “Dungeon_Timer.” Then put in a go back to label command. Make it go back to the label that you used in this event. (Which is, “label one.”) Now ya have the dungeon’s timer system set up. Next we have to make it so it sees if you cleared the dungeon in a certain amount of time. The next thing that we need to set up is some monsters in our dungeon.

Somewhere on your map, create a new event. This event is going to be the monster event. Make it’s
graphics the graphics of any monster that you choose. Name this event “Monster_1.” Make it’s event start condition be “On Touch(hero,event).”

Now the next part differs whether or not you are using a ABS/CBS or you are using the DBS. If you are using a DBS, in the event that you made, put in a start combat event. For when you are using the dungeon thing, you cannot have random battles. Instead, it’s going to be a XenoSaga, SMRPG, etc. type monster system. (You see monsters on the map, and try to avoid them.) Now in your monster event, put in a start combat event. Make it be with whatever you want it to be. Under the “EscapeCase,” make sure that “Add case” is selected. Hit the ok button. It should look like this below:

In the “Victory Case”, make it turn on the switch “Monster_1_dead” and add one the variable
“Monsters_defated.” In a new page on that event, make the graphics blank, and make the starting switch be “Monster_1_dead.”

IF you are using a ABS/CBS, just have the variable be added when you defeat them, using whatever system you have. (IF you can make a an ABS/CBS, you should be able to figure it out on your own anyway. :P )

Now make a new event. Make it a parrell process. In here, put a fork option that says, “IF variable
‘Monsters_defated’ is equal to ‘1’, then” and below that, “IF variable ‘dungeon_timer’ is below 60, then,” (make sure you choose the “below” option for that fork option), have it display a message that says “ALL MONSTERS DEFEATED!” and make it give the hero a medal. Have it turn off switch “Timer_Start,” and
turn on the switch “Dungeon1_cleared” and clear all the variables that you used here and such, to zero. In the else case, put in a wait 0.1 seconds event. Now make a new page to this event, and have it’s starting condition switch be “Dungeon1_cleared.” Make sure that the new page is set up as a push key event, and not a parrell process event.

Congradulations! You have just made a medal system for your RPG! Remeber! This is only the basic system, and you can expand on it and add more to it as you please.

Good Luck!
“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”