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Tutorial - 'Ammo System Made Easy' by werewolve_hunter

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This tutorial teaches you how to have the best ammo system ever (as long as you give up the MP slot in the DBS)!


Okay now. I was recently looking for a "GOOD" ammo system tutorial. All i could find is the crummy one that can be done two ways. (I don't mean to offend anyone) This got me thinking. I decided to make my own ammo system. It's way easier then the other ammo systems I found so here it is.

Pre Step 1:
Before you use this ammo system, you will have to be willing to give up the MP and skills for the Bullets.

Step 1:
First thing I did was go to Vocabulary, Page 5 (I think)
I weant to the MP name and changed it to 'Ammo'. Then I went to the box to the right and changed it from 'M' to 'Am'.

Step 2:
The next step is to create your gun or weapon that uses ammunition. I named my weapon D. Eagle. Set the attack to whatever you want. Now set the Mind higher then the Attack.

Step 3:
The final thing to do with the gun is to set the MP, (which you should have changed to Ammo or Am by now) to 1 for one shot or to whatever you want.

Step 4:
This is thee final step of the tutorial even though it is optional.
If you want your people to do use that gun lots, then it is best to up there MP which by now should be Ammo or Am.

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