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Tutorial - 'SP display and Focus attack' by AndytheDandy

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This shows you how to do an SP Display and a "Focus" attack, similiar to that found in Skies of Arcadia, A good read.


Before we begin, you must have some knowledge of variables and
the "Show Picture" event, and fork conditions.

If you've ever played Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast),
then you'll know what I'm talking about with Focus. If you haven't
played it, then keep reading and you'll find out.

SP Display: Ok, to show the SP, first make your pictures (they
look like really long HP and MP Bars). When your battle begins,
place your picture of the empty SP bar wherever you want it to
be shown (In my game, Kaizoku, each char has his/her own SP ar,
but you can also have one big SP bar for all the Chars to use).
MAKE SURE THE SP BAR IS EMPTY. You don't want to confuse your players,
do you?

Focus attack: First off, make a battle animation that you want to use
to make it look like your char is focusing.
Now make an attack called "Focus" (don't make it a
skill or anything, have it be a seperate attack, i.e. You can select
Attack, Skills, or Focus, get it?). When you select the attack (either
with the enter pass function or the show choice funtion, it doesn't
matter), make it show the battle animation you just made. Set the
animation on the char using the attack. Then, make a change variable
event, and call the variable "sp+." Then in the "set" options, choose
the plus sign, and in the "operand" section, choose set:1. This will make it so that every
time you use Focus, the variable will add 1 to itself. Now make a
fork option. In the fork option, make it so that if "sp+" is set
at 1, the picture of your SP bar changes. For example, say you
selected "Focus." The variable sp+ is currently at 0, but the focus
attack added 1 to that, so now it is set to one. Now the picture
of the SP bar changes so it looks like it's growing. In the else
case of the fork, make another fork, only this time, "sp+" should
be set at 2. Then make the picture change so it is bigger than the
picture was in the last fork option. Get it? Just repeat these steps,
adding 1 to each fork option as you go, and making the picture
different everytime.

Well, that's it for the tut. So far you can't really do much with your
SP. But don't worry, in my next tut, I'll explain how to do Special
Moves. But really, the special moves is a lot like the skills part,
just using SP. So if you've mastered the skills section, the Super
Move section should be obvious to you. But if you still have any
questions, e-mail me at, or GW-mail me.