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Tutorial - 'Easy Map' by Mike

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Mikekuul goes in depth on how to save yourself from making endless maps!


Easy Map


Hello to all you newbies and experts to RM2K. Are you sick of using multiple destinations and maps for buildings that have a similar interior? Well…using one building destination multiple times is explained in this tutorial!

What you need to know:

Variables and setting up a map really…

How it is done:

First you need 3 houses (for this tutorial I shall use 3 houses but you can use many more just by changing the events and variables used. Set up a small grassy area with just a black surrounding but leave room on the black area for the interior, build them on the same map for now, side by side would be nice. Also make sure they look alike e.g. they are the same shape and size, or it will just look weird. Done that? Good now on a blank area (away from the houses) construct ONE, yes ONE house interior. Don’t make anything fancy, just a room big enough for you to walk into and walk out. Next create an event in the middle of the “room” (it can be anywhere but for just now place one in the middle) This will act as a key to show that it has worked right. Set the event to have three pages depending on a variable called “Houses” (e.g. page 1 activates when “Houses” = 1, page 2 when = 2 and page 3 when = 3). For page one, set it to press key and same level as hero, then set the graphic to be a man. In the event commands area, make the event show a message saying, “Hi, my name is Bob. Nice to meet you”. Then, for page two set it to the same terms (press key, same level as hero) except make the graphic of a woman. Make her say (Message Box) “Greetings, I am Jill”. Now on page three (for fun), set it to the same except make the graphic a cat (or dog or something similar). It can say “Meow…” or “Woof!” whatever rocks your boat.
Next you need to create an exit event, so add an event at the bottom of the room. Make it also have three pages each corresponding to the correct variable number (e.g. page 1 activates when “Houses” = 1, page 2 when = 2 and page 3 when = 3). On all three pages set it to make Houses = 0 (using the Change Variable command). Then on page one, set a Teleport command, sending the Hero in front of the first house, then do the same for page two except in front of the second house same with page three. Got that?
Ok, now how do they get in, you may be wondering. Well, create an event in front of the first house (set the terms to below hero and “On touch (Event, Hero)”), that teleports the Hero inside the “room”. Copy this event then paste it in front of house two and three. Next, go back and edit the entrance event in front of house 1. Set it to change variable “Houses” to 1, then edit house 2’s entrance to change “Houses” to 2 and House 3’s to “Houses” = 3. Now just create a starting point for the hero, right-click, Set Start party position (make sure this event is out side the “room” and some where on the grassy area). Now just Test it!


Go to start new game, and you will appear on your little test map. Walk into the event that you marked as House 1’s entrance. You should be teleported to the”room” and a man should be standing there. Talk to him and he should say what you set him to say, exit the “room”. Try House 2 then house 3. Notice that you have gone into the same room on the map but have seen different people? Nice isn’t it? Now go try it out in your games!


Me, for typing this tutorial.
A bath, yes this idea came to me in a bath.
You, for taking time to read this.
And everyone else who should feel involved!