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Tutorial - 'Creating a Ring Like LOTR' by Guest

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As the title says, Machina goes in depth on how to make a ring like that in the popular Lord of the Rings.



* LotR Magical Ring *

Tutorial written by MachinaX -
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With the Return of the King LotR movie now out (yay!), I decieded to
make this tutorial for those who want to make a LotR fan-game, with
the 'One Ring' and all. Enjoy hobbits!


Before we start, you need to know the following RM2k commands:
-Set Hero Walk GFX
-Common Events
Yes! It's that easy!


1. Create a parallel process common event, and call it whatever you
want. For this tutorial I shall call it Ring Usage. Create a switch as
well, I'll call it Use Ring. Create another switch, and call it
Using Ring.

2. Create an item with these properties:
Name: One Ring (Or whatever you want.)
Classification: Switch (Make and turn on switch Use Ring)
Price: 0 (You don't want to sell the ring, do you?)
Any other things you can custom yourself.

3. In the Ring Usage common event make the apperance condition make
a fork condition, on if Using Ring is on. Under switch OFF, make it
so it turns Ring Usage on, and go to set hero walk GFX and make
that chara transparent. Under switch ON put Using Ring switch of
and set the character GFX to non-transparent.

4. At the end of the common event turn the Use Ring switch.



Q1. Can I add timers to the ring?
A1. Yes! Just add a timer and a few switches to the common event.

Q2. How do I make it so people don't notice me when the ring is on?
A2. Open up the event of the person who you don't want to notice
you, and create a new page. Make sure the new page is the LAST page
on the event. Make the event only happen when Using Ring switch is on.
Put anything you want in the event, or maybe just nothing at all.

Q3. OMEG TEH R0X0RZ!1!11!1
A3. Yes I do.



Don Miguel - For translating RM2k.
The people who asked questions - For helping make the FAQ section!

If you have any comments, questions etc... please email me at: