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Tutorial - 'First PHP Page' by rpgsmo

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Captain Rpgsmo comes to the rescue, that is if you're having trouble with php!


Ok, well this is gonna be for complete noobies in php, I will be making a ot of php tutorials on the future so stick with me. Ok, the first thing you need in a php page is:

Ok, now put that in yer page, to end a php page, type:


Ok, now to add text to a php page type:

print "Hello!";

Ok, simple, right? Anyway, when you end every line inbetween the php brakets you must type ; , this tells php that it is the end of a line. Ok, now here is the final result of a hello world:

print "Hello World!";

Oh, and remember to always save php files as .php , thats it folks, i am out!