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Tutorial - 'Spiffy Equipy' by Mike

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Another awesome tutorial from Mikekuul, this time explaining how to make equipment level up rather than your heroes!



Greetings, Mikekuul here with a nice little tutorial for you :D This tutorial explains how to set up a system in which the hero of your game does not level up, the equipment does. I bet you are sitting there saying “Well that is pointless.” But it actually isn’t. It gives the game realism and is a nice little touch to those realistic RPG’s out there. This is the first of three on this system. This one shows you how to make your weapons instantly level up when they reach a certain EXP level(Good for magical weapons :D ). The second instalment will have a system in which your weapon gathers energy(possibly spirits?) and when it is charged up, you go to a blacksmith or sacred place and have the power unleashed, creating a new more powerful weapon. Then in the third and final instalment, I shall explain a nice little armour system that increases HP and MP. Also note that this system uses non-random combat. Enjoy!

What We Will Accomplish:

By the time you have finished this, you will have made:

Three weapon levels
A basic EXP system for the weapons
Stopped the levelling up of the hero
A simple non-random combat system
Got tired of my explanations ;_;


Apart from the obvious like a PC or RM2K, you will need to know:

Fork Conditions
Adding Escape and Defeat Cases to your battles
Use of Common Events

All set? Then let us begin…

Variables and Switches Needed:

Before we begin, set up these:





Set Up the Stats:

First off, we need to set it so that the hero has a constant HP, Strength, MP etc. So, in your project, bring up the database screen and you should see the hero tab. Make one hero, you can name them what you like, just make sure they have a graphic and a name. Got that? Now, double-click the red graph under the heading “Max HP”. You should see that graph in full with a selection of buttons on the right-hand side. Click the on called “Create Curve”. A small window should appear with areas to enter values. Under the one called “Level One Cost” type in “100” and do the same under “Level 50 Cost” and click “Ok”. The graph should now be a flat line. Now at the top of the window is a selection of tabs. Click the one called “Max MP”. Now follow the steps for the HP stats except set it to “50” at both “Level Costs”. Then set the “Attack”, “Defence”, “Mind” and “Agility” to “20” at the “Level Costs”. Understand that? Well that’s your characters base stats set up, let’s move on…

The Weapon of Three Levels:

Make sure that you have the database window open and click the tab “Items”. Set it to three field numbers(One slot for each weapon level). Just for this tutorial, call the first weapon “Sword Level One”, the second “Sword Level Two” and the third “Sword Level Three”. Give each one an appropriate description e.g. Sword one won’t be as strong as Sword Three etc. Make sure all three are classified as “Arms” and are equipped in one hand only. Now on the first sword, set the “Attack” value to “25” and the “Defence”, “Mind” and “Agility” to “0”. Now, give it the battle animation “Sword A”. Then go on to Sword Two and give that an attack of “30” and everything else “0”. Also give it the battle animation “Sword B”. Do the same for Sword Three except with “Attack” of “40” and with the battle animation “Sword C”. Then go back to your character database and set the starting weapon to “Sword Level One”. Simple enough and now for the common events!

You Commoner!

Open up common events. Now for this, we shall only require two common events :D that’s how simple this is. One called “Sword up 1” and the other “Sword up 2”. You can give them different names but these are simple. Both are “Parallel Process” so change the box called “Event Start Condition”. Now for the first one you need to set up a Fork Condition set to activate if variable “WeaponEXP” is above “100”. Then (within the fork condition) have it set to show a message say something along the lines: “Your sword becomes stronger as it gains a level.”. Then use the Remove equipment command to remove anything from the arms field of your hero. Then have a command equipping the hero with “Sword Level 2” and also remove the item “Sword Level 1” from the items held by the hero. And finally Set the switch “sword1” to OFF and the switch “sword2” to ON. Got that? Simple isn’t it :D Also it should activate only when switch “sword1” is ON so change the box that says “Appearance Conditions Switch”
Now for “Sword up 2” or what ever you called it, just copy what you have done before and make the following changes:

Instead of “WeaponEXP” being above “100”, set it to above “200”
Instead of adding “Sword Level 2” it has to add “Sword Level 3”
Instead of removing “Sword Level 1” it has to remove “Sword Level 3”
And for the switches:
“sword2” should be set to OFF
“sword3” should be set to ON

Easy isn’t it :D And of course, this should only appear if switch “sword2” is ON.
Well, that’s the Common Events sorted, now for a test map :D


Just a small map of 10x10 is needed for this. All we need in it is a slime and a healer then an event to set up everything. Make the map just grass then create an event that has a graphic of a slime. Then set his movement random and frequency to 3. Also his animation type must be set to “Common/With Stepping” and it must be push key activated and be at the same level as the hero. Now, for its commands. Really simple, just start a combat with a single slime or maybe two if you like and have it have an escape case and a defeat case. It will already come with a victory case so in here bring up the command to change the EXP of all party members to 1(you can’t set it to 0 for some reason…) and change the variable “weaponEXP” to gain 20 (select “+” and type the value “20”). Set it to also display a message to say “Your weapon gains 10 EXP”(This tells you it has worked). Then in the defeat case and escape case have it show a message of “Your weapon gains no EXP…”(just to let the user know) and also set it to recover the party’s health, command is “Full Recovery”.

One down, two to go.

Now the healer is really easy. All he needs to do is have a graphic of a healer guy and set him to push key and same level as hero. Then his commands are to display a message saying something like “I have healed you” and use the command “Full Recovery” Simple :D

And for the set-up event.

This has two pages, the second one must activate when the switch “stop” is ON. Now the first page must be Auto start and use the commands:

Change Switch “sword1” to ON
Change Switch “stop” to ON

Really easy. Also place this event out of the way in a corner. And now, you are ready to test it :D

The Testing

This is really easy to test. Check your game menu and then equipment to make sure you have Sword level 1 equipped. Now, just battle the slime 5 times, in other words talk to the slime dude to battle him. Also in the off chance that you need to get healed you can talk to the healer you made earlier :D When you are told that your sword has gained a level, go into the menu and look at your equipment, you should have Sword Level 2 equipped and your items should not have Sword level 1 in it. Then you can continue to battle the slime and get to level three :D Enjoy.


Well, I wrote this tutorial and also made this system but credit is also due to:

the panda expression – he came up with the idea for this and I respect that he did.
GW – For well, being there(even though most of the time it was down, but I’m glad that has been sorted :D )
and anyone else who should feel involved!

Hope this helps you. Look out for Part 2 and 3!!! Bye for now…