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Tutorial - 'Special Equipment Tutorial' by LinkMaster Sab

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Indepth tutorial on how to create equipment that will give your character special effects (Ala, invisibility)


Tutorial for RPG MAKER 2000
Special Equipment Tutorial

This tutorial covers it all - the ability to effect your character while he or she wears that piece of equipment. These effects range from my invisibility effect, to learning spells and skills with your equipment, to even changing your characters appearance according to their clothes. This tutorial may become complex, so hang on, it may be a wild ride. As for all of the pieces of coding, use the basics of the code as a base, then add the on and off effects as that part of the tutorial mentions.

The Basics of the Code-
Now you must begin by creating any piece of equipment, or equippable item, and setting it up as desired. You do this by opening the Database, selecting the Items tab, and selecting a blank space. You can create Arms, Shield, Armor, Helmet, or Other classification items, otherwise it will not work, because the effect will only happen when you equip that item. Then switch over to the Common Events tab, and create a single Parellel Process event. This event will be used for all of your effects: the less parellels the better (too many slow down the computer). The first thing to do is to create a Fork Condition, on tab 3. Set it up to a Hero condition on the second tab, and set it to equipping your item. Then inside make a Fork Condition which checks for a switch, which should be off, but you will need a new switch for every person and every item which has an effect for that person (Example: Robe which makes the wearer invisible is wearable by Alex, Brian and Carol. You need three switches and three of the first forks, which checks for the item equipped.). Inside this fork you change the switch given to the ON setting and then follow that line with the effect wanted. It should effect the wearer, and only the wearer. Then end the fork, and go to the ELSE case of the first fork. Check if the above switch is on with another fork condition, and inside of that turn off the switch and the effect which you made before. You should remove it exactly the opposite way you put it on.

Parellel Common Event CODE (Basic Coding)-
<> FORK Optn:Yourheroname-Item Equipped
<> FORK Optn:Switch [XXXX:ItemUsername] - OFF
<> Change Switch :[XXXX:ItemUsername]-ON Set
<> This area is where you turn on the effect
:END Case
: ELSE Case
<> FORK Optn:Switch [XXXX:ItemUsername] - ON
<> Change Switch:[XXXX:ItemUsername]-OFF Set
<> This area is where you turn off the effect
:END Case
:END Case

This one has some potential. Perhaps you need a roleplayable way for your character to sneak through a place unseen? Well, have them equip this little beauty, and they will become transparent, to simulate the invisible effect. Then you can create new pages on certain events for when the switch "ItemUsername" is on. Anyways, in order to turn on a transparent effect, change the hero's walk graphic to the normal one, but check the box that says "Transparent". For turning it off, change the hero's walk graphic to the normal one without the transparent checked. Simple, eh?

Turn the effect on (Invisibility)-
<> Change Hero's Walk Graphic: Yourheroname->Yourcharapic (Transparent checked}

Turn the effect off (Invisibility)-
<> Change Hero's Walk Graphic: Yourheroname->Yourcharapic (Transparent unchecked}

Sprint Shoes-
This use of the base code is an example of the classic sprint shoes, doubling your characters speed when they are equipped. Simply choose "Move Event" and control the hero, turning his speed up a notch, and down again to turn it off.

Turn the effect on (Sprint)-
<> Move Event...: Hero ,MoveSpeedUp

Turn the effect off (Sprint)-
<> Move Event...: Hero ,MoveSpeedDwn

Tech Skill Teaching (Simple)-
Another way to teach skills to your people is by teaching them when an item is equipped. This is quite the useful technique, if you can figure out a way to use it well. There are two versions, this one being the simple one. It is quite simple to memorize and forget a single skill.

Turn the effect on (Tech Skill - Simple)-
<> Change Skill : Username - Skill Name -> Memory

Turn the effect on (Tech Skill - Simple)-
<> Change Skill : Username - Skill Name -> Forget

Tech Skill Teaching (Complex)-
This is the more complex one for teaching hero's skills. It involves using the value of one of a hero's stats to learn a number of different skills. First, set a variable up to the attribute, such as level, strength, etc, that you want the skill learning to be based upon. Next you have to set up forks for learning the skills. For each one you must have it figure out if your variable is a certain number or above. This represents that you will learn the skill if that attribute is at the number of higher. Then inside make the hero learn that skill. To turn it off, simply make the character forget all of the ones he could have learned.

Turn the effect on (Tech Skill - Complex)-
<> Variable Ch:[XXXX]Set, Username Attribute
<> FORK Optn:Varbl[XXXX]-1abov
<> Change Skill : Username - Skill Name 1 -> Memory
:END Case
<> FORK Optn:Varbl[XXXX]-2abov
<> Change Skill : Username - Skill Name 2 -> Memory
:END Case

Turn the effect off (Tech Skill - Complex)-
<> Change Skill : Username - Skill Name 1 -> Forget
<> Change Skill : Username - Skill Name 2 -> Forget

And there you have it, that is the way to do all of the effects you want with equipment, which include invisibility, learning spells and skills, and a number of other things that I couldn't think of at the time. Remember, if it seems fit, you can put multiple affects on the equipment. I hope you understand, and if you have a question, please ask away. Good luck!

~ LinkMaster_Sab