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Tutorial - 'Fog Tutorial' by Psychoskull

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Learn how to create Fog like the kind found in the old SNES Zelda Games


So you want to make a foggy place in your game?
First, you must know that, by "fog", i actually mean
a reduced vision, like in some Snes Zelda games.

The best way to make a fog, is using pictures.
First, you must have a good drawing program.
I highly suggests "IDraw" its one of the best ones.

Make one picture a bit larger than the screen is.
You will know why later on.

Suggested size: 380/280

Make the whole picture black. It will be the area you
cant see.
With the transparent color, make a circle in the middle.
It will be the visible spot.

There you go. Now, you got a cheap-made fog.
Now, on RM2K, make a Parallel process event, and use
the "set picture" command. Put the fog on position (x163,y 121)
if you have used the size i suggested.

If you did not, try to find the right position.
Of course, the transparent circle must be in the center
of the screen.

++If you want a more realistic fog, continue reading.++

Now, copy-paste the fog picture.
Make the transparent circle bigger.

Then, make several other fog pictures that can fit in all the others,
so that it can all be put together in the "set picture" command.

You should make 3 to 4 circles that fit in the others.
save hem separately.

Now, to the final part:
use the "set picture" command, and put all the pictures
in the center of the screen. (x163,y121 with my suggested size)
Put hem all with different transparencies. Increasing it
as the circles grow smaller.

Now, you'll know why you must make the pictures bigger than the screen.

Make a additional ripple effect with a power of two to each of the pictures.
Than save your stuff.

You can add a changing screen tone effect if you like.
It should add a darker atmosphere.

Always use a switch to make the event stop after it made the
pictures appear, or it could slow down your computer.

Then, when the character exits the dark area, replace the switch "off"

If you have questions , just ask!

There will be a fog like it in The GIGATHUNDER Ops.