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Tutorial - 'ATM Machine Made EASY' by WeirdEars

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A sometimes done tutorial on making an atm machine in rpgmaker.


Things you need to know fully about:
Fork Conditions
Changing Money
Creating New Events

Things you need to know partially about:

Now for the tutorial:

Make an event. This is going to be your ATM machine. Make it look
like one. Make it a Fixed Direction event.
Make it Push Key.

Now for the code:

OK, first go to Change Variable and
select MoneyHeld. Select Other
and then money.

Then, make a label.
Make a message like 'What would you
like to do?' or something. Then make
a show choice and make the options
Deposit, Withdraw and Cancel.

For the Deposit case, Type in a message saying: \$ How much do you
want to deposit. The \$ is there to show you how much money you are
carrying. Now make a six-digit input number and make the variable
ATMDeposit. Now for a fork condition. Do If Variable ATMDeposit is
equal or less than Variable MoneyHeld and make it an Add Else Case.
Then put a message saying Deposited. Then put Change Gold Held to
remove ATMDeposit. Now change the variable InAccount and make it add
ATMDeposit. For the Else Case, put a message saying You don't have
that money! and then Goto the label a bit up.

Now for Withdraw. Make a message say How much? or something.
Now for another six-digit input number. This time make the variable
ATMWithdraw. Now for yet another Fork Condition. This time
'If Variable ATMWithdraw is equal to or less than InAccount.
Now put Withdrew in a message. Change money increase by Variable
ATMWithdraw. Now change variable InAccount to minus ATMWithdraw.
For Else, the same as on Deposit.

For Cancel, type nothing.

Viola! You've made an ATM Machine!

Just copy and paste this ATM Machine wherever you want one!

Tutorial by WeirdEars.