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Tutorial - 'Showing HP in Charsets' by Clucky

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As the name kinda implies..a tutorial on how to show HP in something such as a cbs via charsets!


Ok. This tut sorta goes with Dragonheartman's tut on "Splitting Variables", so if you didn't understand his (Or the use of it), read mine.

Now, any n00b who reads this may think "What do you MEAN by 'Showing Hero HP in Charasets?' ". Well, this basically means you have 4 events. 1 is the thousands hp digit, another the hundreds digit, so on. If you didn't understand that, well just follow the steps.

Knowledge of Variables
A alphabet/number charset

STEP ONE digit set

First set up an event in parallel process.
'Set' variable [????: Hero 1 HP] to '(hero name) hp'.
'Set' variable [????: Hero1hp1s] to [????: Hero 1 HP].
'Modulus' variable [????: Hero1hp1s] by 10.
'Set' variable [????: Hero1hp10s] to [????: Hero 1 HP].
'Modulus' variable [????: Hero1hp10s] by 100.
'Divide(/)' variable [????: Hero1hp10s] by 10.
'Set' variable [????: Hero1hp100s] to [????: Hero 1 HP].
'Modulus' variable [????: Hero1hp100s] by 1,000.
'Divide(/)' variable [????: Hero1hp100s] by 100.
'Set' variable [????: Hero1hp1000s] to [????: Hero 1 HP].
'Modulus' variable [????: Hero1hp1000s] by 10,000.
'Divide(/)' variable [????: Hero1hp1000s] by 1,000.

What this did is made the very heart of the sequence. for example, if your hero's hp was 509, then [????: Hero1hp1s] is set to 9, [????: Hero1hp10s] is set to 0,
[????: Hero1hp100s] is set to 5, and [????: Hero1hp1000s] is set to 0.

STEP TWO Show me the... numbers?

Make 4 events next to eachother horizontally.
Make 10 pages in each event
EVENT ONE(far right)
p.1 If varb. [????: hero1hp1s]=0, set GFX to a 0.
p.2 " "=1, set GFX to a 1.
ETC. up to 9.

EVENT TWO(right)
p.1 If varb. [????: hero1hp10s]=0, set GFX to a 0.
p.2 " "=1, set GFX to a 1.
ETC. up to 9.

p.1 If varb. [????: hero1hp100s]=0, set GFX to a 0.
p.2 " "=1, set GFX to a 1.
ETC. up to 9.

EVENT FOUR(far left)
p.1 If varb. [????: hero1hp1000s]=0, set GFX to a 0.
p.2 " "=1, set GFX to a 1.
ETC. up to 9.

This makes it so that if you're hero's hp is 509, the 4 events you made in step two will show as: 0509

Sorry if this is confusing. This is my second tut (the other was on a CBS, but they didn't like it... I think... It MIGHT come up though)

If you're wondering what modulus does, it divides a number, and sets the variable to the remainder. For example, 15 modulus 10. What's 15 divided by 10? 1. who cares bout that.
since 5 is left over, the variable is set to 5. 10 modulus 1 is 0, because 10 divided by 1 goes evenly; 10.