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Tutorial - 'Fishing for the Stupid' by werewolve_hunter

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Everyone likes fishing, right?! werewolve_hunter is going to explain you how to create a fishing system in eight steps.


Hey all. This is my second tutorial and this time I am here to explain how to make a fishing tutorials.'

Basically nothing but if you used forks and variables before, then it is a plus.

The Tutorial:
Step One
Create a variable that is set to Random and set the two numbers to 0 and 1 or whatever you want.
Step Two
Create an item. I called mine Fishing Rod.
Make this item a common item.
Step Three
Make an event at the spot you want to fish at. In this event, have change variable and have it identicle to the first varialbe you made.
Step Four
In this event, create a fork condition with Else Case selected. Now have this fork set to Variable 0 or whatever your lowest number is in the variable. Before the Else case, set it to wait 3 to 5 seconds and then have an event say "Not even a nibble."
Step Five
After the else case, create a new fork condition. This time, do not check the else case. Set a wait time to 3 to 6 seconds. Now have a message say "You caught a fish!"
Step Six
Create a medicine item called Fish. Set it to recover however much MP and/or HP you want.
Step Seven
Go back to the fishing event. After the else case and the message "You caught a fish." have it add the fish item.
Step Eight
Fish, fish, fish, fish, fish!

This tutorial is brought to you by:
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