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Tutorial - 'Making easy battle charas from scratch!' by chimera963chris

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This is not really a RM2k tut since it explains a way how to create battle characters, but it's aimed for RPG Maker so here goes!


Yo. I'm chimera963. This s my first tut but don't be put down.
Now, to do this tutorial you will need:
--iDraw3(or paintshop pro 7/8 if you know how t use it)
--Rpg maker 2000/2003
--A 144 x 384 blank .png file open in iDraw
--A spare hour or two

Well, I'm gonna teach you how to make battle charas from scratch. First select a colour which will show up well against the transparensy colour of your background(doesn't really matter). Now draw a figure, in single lines, of how tyour character will be posed. Also use a circle for the head.

Now get the paintbrush and make it the thickness the arms and legs will be and go over the skeleton with it(use a flesh colour unless it is alien).
Do this over the rest of the body(over the middle body a few times to make it thicker) and fill the head in(and the outline) with the flesh colour.

Now for shading. You make this better just get the "edge" tool and select a colour, one shade darker than the origional flesh tone and click on the bare body. There is your shading. You can do it manually if you are someone who wants it "perfect" but I don't really care.

Now the shading's done make an outline of where each piece of clothing will go on the chara(they must be done in the colour they will be). Now fill in the cloths with the chosen colours and after, shade them.

For the face just use circles for eyes and make a great big smile on that boat race!
For the positions(skill, idlestance...etc...) just cut out the arms and rotate them and stuff. Good luck1!

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