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Tutorial - 'Understanding Variables' by Arkalit3

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A tutorial explaining variables in RPGMaker 20000


Say you want a guy to say 2 different things then say "Go away!" and not say anything after that. Easy, use Variables! Make an event, select whatever graphic you want, make him "Push Key" and then lets make 3 pages on the event, now lets add some Code! YeeHaw!

On the first page make a "Change Variable" cmd and make it change the variable [0001:Strange Guy] Check the + sign and a 1 in the Operand. This adds 1 to the Variable Strange Guy. You'll know what this does later, now make a message or whatever like "Dude!" thats all.

Now go to the next page and Dum Dum Dum DAAA! Check the box under conditions that says "Variable" (bet u didnt see that coming) and select variable "Strange Guy" now under that it is a box with a 0 in it and a "Above" tag next to it, put a 1 in that, keep everything else the same and now put in the code box a message like "Uh, your annoying"
and then make a change variable that changes [0001:Strange Guy] or whatever you named it or whatever number it is, and then select the + sign, and in operand, put it 1 and In doing that, you make a variable that was 1, 2! woohoo!

Now lets go to the next page where we make him say, "Go Away!", Put the Conditions at "Variable" and select the Strange Guy variable and then make the box underneath it say "2" now Your done! If you don't understand it, this is what you did:

In the beginning, the Strange Guy variable is 0
you talk to him and it adds 1 to the ST variable, making it 1 (:P)
Talk to him again and he says the Next message on page 2 because the ST variable was 1,
talk to him again and he says GO AWAY because on page 2, you added another making ST variable 2! Woohoo! Now you can use this method with variable to make mini games, messages, big events, different prizes depening on a certain thing you did etc.!

Congrats! You now understand Variables!