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Tutorial - 'CMS the good way with pics' by deathknightsrm2ktk

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Ever wanted to make a Custom Menu System (CMS) in RM2k(3). If you have, but you aren't sure how or you need some tips, check this one out.


O.k this is the easy and best way to make a cms (custom menu system)

you should have a good idea how to use rm2k before trying this but expacially on fork options and cycles and stuff.

now first of all you'll need to make the pictures first of all make your base picture, i suggest using photoshop or paintshop
pro cause they are the best.

a base picture is what you want your menu to look like have all the catergories e.g save, inventory, Stats, Return to game
and quit. (you can have more)

now save that as menu base.png

o.k now find or make your cursor (an arrow will be fine or you can make a box around the selection but i suggest a cursor)

now add the cursor in and point it to the first one normaly Stats

Now save this as Menu1.png

now either drag your cursor down or cut and paste it so it points to the next one

then save it as Menu2.png

now repeate untill all menu possiblities are done change the number as you go.. don't name them all menu1 and 2 (duh)

now add the pictures into your game (that's easy if you don't know that than... well... you probably shouldn't be trying this)

that waz the easy part

now onto the coding

make the following: a switch named "Menu Call", a switch named "Menu Called", A variable called "Menu Choose", A variable
called "Move Y", A Variable called "Menu Call" and at the moment that will do there are more to make but we'll do them later

o.k now first of all goto your hero start position on that page make a event on Auto start call the event what ever you want
turn on the switch "Menu Call" and disable the system menu. make a second page and have the apperence switch "Menu Call"
and have it do nothing.

open up the data base and make a new Common Event call it "Menu Call" have it a Parallel Process when the event "Menu Call"
is on.

Goto Enter Password in the event choosing and place the password to the Variable "Menu Call" make sure that the options
Wait untill Key hit and Cancle (6) are ticked.

Now make a Fork Option when the variable "Menu Call" is 6 and we don't want an else case.

Set the screen tone so everything is black so put evertything to 0 but make it wait for a cool looking effect for about 2 sec

goto change variable and change the Variable "Move Y" = 1

goto Show picture and choose Menu1.png

now turn the switch "Menu Called" On and turn the switch "Menu Call" off

now it should look like this

<>Enter Password:[0001:Menu Call]
<>FORK Optn:Varbl[0001:Menu Call]-6
<>Set Screen Tone:[R000.G000,B000,S000],2.0sec(W)
<>Variable Ch:[0002:Move Y]Set, 1
<>Show Picture: 1,menu1,(160,120)
<>Change Switch:[0004:Menu Called]ON Set
<>Change Switch:[0003:Menu Call]OFF Set
:End Case

If it doesn't look like that you may of done something wrong (it doesn't matter about the names before the names of the
switches or variables e.g {0001:Menu Call] that number can be anything)

Now make another Common Event (this is the harder part)

call it "Menu Called" Auto Start when the switch "Menu Called" is on

goto change variable and change Menu choose to 0

now start a Cycle then goto enter password and set the password on the Variable "Menu Choose" tick everything on it.
insert a Fork option and have it when the Variable "Menu Choose" = 1 we want an else case
now another Fork potion but this time set it to the Variable "Move Y" and set it to the number of Pictures you have
in your menu. e.g mine is 8. we want a else case.

now if you want a sound to play when you cange options in your menu then goto play sound effect and whatever one you want.
and then change the variable "Move Y" to 1

in the first Else case play your sound effect again and change the Variable "Move Y" + 1

leave the next Else case blank.

Now make a fork option again when "Menu Choose" = 4
another fork option under that when "Move Y" = 1
play your sound effect
and change "Move Y" to however many Pictures in your menu (mines 8)
goto the Else case play your sound effect And change "Move Y" -1

Now thats the movements and it should look like this

<>Variable Ch:[0003:Menu Choose]Set, 0
<>Enter Password:[0003:Menu Choose]
<>FORK Optn:Varbl[0003:Menu Choose]-1
<>FORK Optn:Varbl[0002:Move Y]-8
<>Play SE: (sound) --- (you don't need to play a sound effect it just makes it better)
<>Variable Ch:[0002:Move Y]Set, 1
:ELSE Case
<>Play SE: (sound
<>Variable Ch:[0002:Move Y]+ ,1
:End Case
:ELSE Case
:END Case
<>FORK Opt:Varb[0003:Menu Choose]-4
<>FORK Opt:Varb[0002:Move Y]-1
<>Play SE: (sound)
<>Variable Ch:[0002:Move Y]Set, 8
:ELSE Case
<>Play SE: (sound)
<>Variable Ch:[0002:Move Y]- ,1
:END Case
:ELSE Case
:END Case
O.k that was fun wasn't it.

Now the Best way to do this is to use comments so you don't get lost later on.

On every fork option from now on requires a else case

Goto the last end case shown on my description above count how many down there might be another one under it you don't want
to use that one use the one i've shown.

goto it and create a comment a Message like box should show up write ***1st*** (Write watever your first menu option is)
now make a fork option when the variable "Move Y" = 1 put a wait event in at 0.0 sec now show picture Menu1.png

In the next Else case do the same but the comment should be different and the variable should = 2
and menu2,png instead of menu1.png.

do that untill you've done all of your pictures

here's a short example on what it should look like

<>FORK Optn:Varbl[0002:Move Y]-1
<>Wait 0.0s
<>Show Picture: 1, menu1, (160,120)
:ELSE Case
<>FORK Optn:Varbl[0002:Move Y]-2
<>Wait 0.0s
<>Show Picture: 1, menu2, (160,120)

and so on.

then under the Next Else case change the variable "Move Y" to 0

O.k now the movement is completly finished, check to make sure that all pictures show up correctly (it won't do anything
besides change pictures, your menu will not fully function yet.)

now to the second last End case We start the next bit

Now make a switch for every menu option appart from Return, Save, and Exit

Put in a Fork Condition when "Menu Choose" = 5

basicly we'll do the same as before but a little different so put in your Comment and the Fork Option that "Move Y" = 1
now put in a sound effect if you want (this is when you push enter so this is your decision sound)
Now turn on the switch that is for your 1st menu option (mine is Stats) and turn off "Menu called" Switch
goto Move picture (not show picture) and make it 100% transparentsy and make it wait for 1.0 sec (you can wait longer)
that makes it look cool. then erase picture 1
and Break the Cycle

Alright do the same for the the rest except change it for the 2nd menu option and so on untill you get to save, Return or

Now for the save, return and exits

do the first part. (put the comment and the "Move Y" ='s and your sound effect now call the save menu set your screen tone
to normal (everything should be 100%) and have it wait 1.0sec (you can wait longer) turn off "Menu Called" Make the picture
Transparent and then erase it. Turn on the switch "Menu Call" then Break the cycle. and the save is done

the Save part should look like this

:Else case
<>FORK Optn: Varbl[0002:Move Y]-6 (change 6 to whatever number save is on your menu)
<>Play SE: (sound2)
<>Call Save Menu
<>Set Screen Tone:[R100,G100,B100,S100],1.0sec(W)
<>Change Switch:[0004:Menu Called]-OFF Set
<>Move Picture:1,(160,120)1.0sec(W)
<>Erase Picture: 1
<>Change Switch:[0003:Menu Call]-ON Set
<>BREAK Cycle
:ELSE Case

good now return and exit

for return do the same as Save except leave out Call Save Menu and change it for whatever number it is.

now Exit

do the comment and the fork option and your sound effect
and ask are you sure you want to quit?
have a yes/no question box if yes goto title screen and Break the cycle. And leave No as it is and it'll return to the menu.

now goto the second last End Case again and make a fork option if "Menu Choose" = 6, turn on the "Menu Call" switch
change the screen tone to normal, make the picture transparent and Erase picture 1 and break the cycle

now goto the last End case and turn the switch "Menu Called" Off

and that part of your menu will work.


Now make a common event for every switch you made for your menu options. e.g stats, invintory. ect

make them all Parallel Process when their switch is on.

unless you have a custom battle system the only way to show your stats that i know of is throught the normal menu
if you know of another way please do tell me.

so call the system menu (it's in your event listings)

Set your screen tone to normal turn on "Menu Call" and turn off "Stats" switch

every other part is unique to the user i'm affraid you'll have to figure it out by your self allthough if you do need my help
i would be more than happy to help you just email me or sign the guestbook and i'll try my best to help

but basicly for the rest just use the same method as the common event "Menu Called" but change the name of the Switches and
Variables.. for example

"Move Y" to "Move invin Y"
"Menu Choose" to "Invin Choose"

and so on.

best of luck with your game.