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Tutorial - 'CMS for Dummies' by werewolve_hunter

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A tutorial explaining how to make a CMS in 9 steps.. Is it really for dummies? You find out.


Well this isn't really a CMS for dummies. It's just the name of the tutorial. Anyways, here is another tutorial from me, werewolve_hunter.

Before reading on, you need to know the following or at least understand them:
1. Switches
2. Varialbes
3. Forks
4. Pictures

Step One:
Get a CMS chipset or make your own.

Step Two:
Make a map that is 20x15 (the smallest map possible)

Step Three:
A. Make the layout of your CMS
B. You could also draw up your layout in a graphic editor like Paint Shop Pro.

Step Four:
Set up your CMS options. I use Character Menu, Save, and Exit.

Step Five:
Create an event at Character Menu. Have this event call the menu.
Create another event at Save. Have this one call the save menu.

Step Six:
Create a common Event and call it CMS. In this common event, have it paralel process and the appearance switch whatever you want. You don't need an appearance switch.

Step Seven:
In this common event, make it disable the menu and save. Have it memorize the hero's place (x, y). Use Variables for this.

Step Eight:
Have it erase the screen. Have it change your character to a pointer of your choice. Teleport it to your CMS map. Now go show screen in this even. Now if you are using an appearance switch for the event, have that switch be turned off.

Step Nine:
Make an event at Exit on your CMS map. Make this erase screen. Change back to your hero's walking graphic. Have it go to memorized place. Then show screen.

That is about it.
Thank you and this is made possible by:
me, werewolve_hunter
Gaming World