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Tutorial - 'Chests made easy' by Riverdragon

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If you are a newbie in RPG Maker, use this tutorial to find out how to add chests to your game easily.


Hello kiddies,its me the newbie RiverDragon.
Today I am gonna show you how to make chest supper easy,without all the complicated bull.

First off you need to creat an event on a map.Find a chest graphic(anyone will do).Now on the first page place a switch(call it open or something of the sort)Now make a new the top left set the switch to the one you just made.Now change the grapic to an open chest.Place the item you want in there by going to the item managment tab. Then insert a mesage if you like(i.e. found potion) then create another switch on page two(name it something like close)then create another page and place its switch to the close switch..then just leave the page blank.
What you have just done should allow you to open a chest get the item and not allow you to open it again.

See it wasnt that hard now was it kiddies.
If you have any questions E-mail me at