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Tutorial - 'Collectable Items' by DemonicWarrior

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A nice tutorial explaining how to make a collectable item system.


>>>>>Creating a collectible Item Tutorial<<<<<

Many probably know how to make this, though some may not.
In this tutorial, I will be using rings as a collectible item. Now, you
can customize this to your needs, and may use it as a secondary
source of cash. Or an exchange system.
Examples of both:
#1- Take it like gold, some guy will buy them off you for a certain amount
of cash. Like 1 ring for 15 gold, or whatever.
#2- Let's say that this item is really rare in your game. So some guy says
he'll trade you certain *rare* items for a certain amount of rings.

(Note: I got this idea from Lost Kingdoms 2. Here you search for faries
that you can exchange for rare cards.)

>>>>>>>Setting up!!

1. Create a variable called "TotalRings"
2. Create a variable called "RingsperLevel"
3. Create as many switches as there will be of your collectible items.
4. Have a little bit of time, (unless you will take this further and add it
into a cms or something!)

>>>>>>>>>>>>Ring Coding
Create two events on your map.
One in the corner
One where the "Item" will be
Graphic: Blank
Start Condition: Auto start (Note: If you use this in a normal map with
other events, just make sure you hide this event. By that I mean add
something after it to cover it up. Like your character says something
the first time he enters this map.)
Position: Same Level as Hero

Event Tab:::::
>Change Variable[RingsperLevel] set 0 (Note: You have to do this
on every map that has these items)
>Change Switch[page2] (This is to switch to the second page)

Graphic: Blank
Start Condition: Anything besides Auto Start
Position: Above Hero (though it really doesn't matter)

Event Tab:::::

>>>>>>Item coding

Graphic: The items graphic
Start Condition: On hero Touch (or Push)
Position: (Depends on what the item is) Since I used rings the position
will be "Under Hero"

Events Tab::::::
>Play Sound Effect: (The one you want to hear when the item is
>Variable Change:[RingsperLevel] +1
>Variable Change:[TotalRings]+[RingsperLevel]
>Change Switch:[Item1] (You'll need as many of these as there will be
of these items)

Start Condition: Parallel Process
Position: Below Hero

Event Tab::::

This is just the basic coding. You can add a lot more to this system.
Good luck, and happy Gaming!!
Tutorial by: Tom
Copyright © 2004