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Tutorial - 'Viewing Hero HP using Pictures' by Lil_MrT

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Learn how to display a characters name using any fancy letter you want. Requires creation of images but is useful when making custom systems.


Yes. As the title states, you can see your HP in pictures. First, you need 10 pictures that are numbers (the numbers 0-9 {lol}). Then do the coding as it states. If you don’t understand it, it will probably work. And if you don’t understand it at all, GWMail me. My username is ,as the title states, final>darkness.

***The Coding***

First, make a common event and make it a parallel process and then do this:

<>Variable Ch:[****:HP] Set, Hero HP
<>Variable Ch:[****:hundreds] Set, Var[****:HP]val.
<>Variable Ch:[****:hundredsmod] Set, Var[****:HP]val.
<>Variable Ch:[****:hundreds]/ ,100 (note : this is the hundreds)
<>Variable Ch:[****:hundredsmod]Mod ,100
<>Variable Ch:[****:tens] Set, Var.[****:hundredsmod]val.
<>Variable Ch:[****:tensmod] Set, Var.[****:hundredsmod]val.
<>Variable Ch:[****tens]/ ,10 (note: this is the tens)
<>Variable Ch:[****:tensmod]Mod ,10
<>Variable Ch:[****:ones] Set, Var.[****:tensmod]val
<>Note: for hundreds:
<>Fork Optn: Varbl[****:hundreds]-0
<>Show picture (the picture of the zero)
:End case
<>Fork Optn: Varbl[****:hundreds]-1
<>Show picture (the picture of the one)
(and so on untill 9)
<>Note: for tens:
<>Fork Optn: Varbl[****:tens]-0
<>Show picture (the picture of the zero)
(and so on untill 9)
<>Note: for ones:
<>Fork Optn: Varbl[****:ones]-0
<>Show picture (the picture of the zero)
(and so on until 9)

This is my tutorial and if you use this, put my name, final>darkness, in your credits.

Note: Max Hp - The same system, but the first variable will represent Max Hp and you should change the Pictures numbers.