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Tutorial - 'Create a snowboarding minigame 4 newbies' by bick

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If you want to implement a simple snowboarding minigame, this tutorial is for you.


This is very simple to make and can be very fun.
you need:
1. 2 variables (Snow Boarding Points and Snow Boaring High)
2. A snowboard hill map (make it mainly vertical and cover it with snow. Use the dungeon tileset)
3. 1 parralel event (I'll tell you about that later)
4. A lot of events (most of them are copy and paste)

To begin design your map. Now add water to be the obstacles. You can make it so the player might have toi go off a ramp to clear a river. Next amke pairs of vertical railroad tracks that have 1 space in bewtween them like this:
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Then use the tile that has an arrow pointing downwards for the ramps. Now here comes the coding.

Off to the side somewhere make a parrelel event. The coding for the event is:
<>Move hero; down
<>Wait .2s
This makes it so the snowbaorder keeps moving downhill. In front of all the spaces with river have this event(activated by hero touch):
<>Change variable SnowBoarding points - 1
<>Teleport (somewhere at the top of the map)
In order to make it easy to create all those event, just copy and paste. Next comes the events for when you run inbetween the two railroad tracks. Have this event be on hero touch:
<> Change Variable Snow Boarding Points + 1
Now that was easy. Now make an event that will take away points when you run of over the railroad tracks. Again, it should be set on hero touch:
<> Change Varible Snow Boarding High - 1
Put that on every single railroad track piece.
Now it's time for the ramps. This is actually pretty easy. First, set this event to hero touch. And the coding is:
<> Change Variable Snow Boarding Points + 1
<> Move Hero: Start Jump, Move down, Move down, End jump
Finally we make an event that sends the hero back to where he was teleported to. This event should be set on hero touch:
<> Teleport (wherever you want)
<> Message: That was a great run
<> Fork Condition - If Snowboarding Points > Snowboarding High
<>Message: Cool, you got the high score
<> Change gold + 150
<>Message: I'm sorry, you didn't get the high score

If you didn't notice, all but 1 event is on hero touch. Here is an extra event in case the snowboarder gets stuck (it happens). this should be a parralel event:
<>Wait 20s
<> Teleport (where you teleported the snowboarder when he finsihed the race)
<>Message: You took too long!
This gives them enoguh time to go down a decent sized course, and still be able to wipe out. And that is how you make a snowboarding game!