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Tutorial - 'Day/ Night Event for newbies' by bick

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Another "newbie" tutorial from bick71, this time explaining one approach for implementing the day/night system.


This is another one of my for newbies tutorial. Anyways this can is really easy, but isn't as complex as most day/night events. If your looking for one that tells time, date, and year, look somewwhere eelse. But if you want it to get dark and light, then look here.
You need:
1.A Common Event
2.A switch (call it outdoors)
3. Some Events

Start by going into your database and creating a common event. Call it Day/Night or whatever you want to call it. Make it a parralel process that only works when the switch outdoors is on. To make it turn on originally, make for events that turn on with hero touch. these events should surrond your starting point like a compass. Here is the coding for the events

<> Change Switch outdoors - ON

Forget this if your hero starts of indoors. Next you need events that turn it on and off. For all events that go into buildings, add:

<> Change Switch outdoors - OFF

For all events that go out of buildings, add:

<> Change Switch outdoors - ON

It's that simple. Now comes that coding in the common event Night/Day. Here is all the coding for the common event:
<>Set screen tone XXX for 100s
<>Set Screen tone YYY for 100s
<> Wait 50s
For screen tone XXX make it no color except for some blue. For screen tone YYY make it 100% everything. I added the Wait 50s so it's light more than it's dark. Feel free to change that part. Now you have a simple, yet effective Day/Night event!