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Tutorial - 'A cool Rock Puzzle for newbies' by bick

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It seems that a hat trick was not enough for bick71, another tutorial for newbies, now covering "Rock Puzzle" system.


This is a very cool way to add originality to your game. A rock puzzle is a puzzle where a player attempts to move rocks by pushing them in order to get through or get to a certain place. If you have ever played the sample game for rm2k remember the cave with that really hard puzzle with shuifting rocks, this is the same thing. Anyways, to make the puzzle you will need:
1.A design (plan out where all the rocks will go and solve it. I suggest desiging it with a checkers board)
2.Some events

There is only one line of code in this whole process. To make a rock, make an event that looks like a rock (rock sprites under objects 1-3), make it start on hero touch, and put in this line of code:
<>*Movement-Normal Face hero, Step away from hero
*set the movement for the event.
And your done. Make sure to test your puzzle to make sure it can be solved. After that show it off to your friends and tell them it took you hours to think of the coding, and it is to complicated for them :P