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Tutorial - 'Catching Monsters' by lukgoh

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This tutorial is for all you die-hard Pokemon fans, after reading this you can start working on a Pokemon fangame.


Ok, My first tut, so if it don't make sense, that's why!
I recently got asked: "How do you catch Pokemon in your game?" So I thought why don't I make a tut for it? Please note that as far as I know this only works for 1 monster battles at a time.. Ok, here goes:

1.) Create an item - Like a Pokeball that turnes a switch on... call the switch something like *Itemwhatever*ON
(So if you were making a Pokemon game it would be a Pokeball item, Price: 20, Switch: PokeballON)
Now for the next part you must copy and paste (But change certain parts) for every monster you wanna be able to catch in your game...
2.) Make a test monster
3.) Go to "Monster Groups" then under "Battle Events" put in this code:
Trigger: Switch [What ever you called the switch your item turns on] ON

then make a message appear showing that your using the item, then mabe a battle animation (Of a Pokeball?)

Now set up a variable for the monsters Health (You can use the same Variable for all the monsters) and set it Equal To, Monster, HP...

Now if you want it to work anyway, no matter wether the monsters have full health then ignor the next few parts!

Add a Conditional Branch so that if the Variable MONSTERS Health, or what ever you just called it is less than 30 (Or what ever you choose) then:
Show a message to show you have caught the monster, mabe a sound effect.. then if you want to record how many monsters you have caught you can create a variable MONSTERS CAPTURED or summit and + 1!

Now add that monster to your Party.. (I dont know what happens when you reach your Party limit..)

Now switch off the Switch that your item turns on

Then switch on another switch called (What ever the monsters name is) Captured. This is so you cant capture him again..

And finaly take away 1 of the item you first created...

Now create a new page, the set the Trigger to be if *Item*ON and *Monstername*CAPTURED then:
Display mesage: I already have this monster!
then switch off *Item*ON!

Thats it.. simple?? right.. simple?