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Tutorial - 'Banking System for newbies' by bick

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bick71 continues his newbie tutorial series. This time he shows you how to make a bank a system, check it out.


This is a simple, yet effective way for you to create a bank that you can: Deposit, withdraw, and gain inerest! For this you will need:
1.A common event (call it gaining interest)
2.3 variables (Bank gold, insert gold, and money)
3.An event (it's the bank, make it look like a bank, I suggest a treausre chest)

Let's start by showing you how to make the bank. Place the evnt whereever you want and have it activate on hero touch. Below is the coding for the bank:

<>Message: Hello, what would you like to do todday?
<> Show choice Deposit/Withdraw/Check how much money is there
<> Deposit case
<>Message: Please input how much you would like to deposit
<>Change variable Money set to Money(this money = how much gold they have)
<>Input (store in the variable insert gold)
<>Fork Condition- If insert gold > money
Message: Not enough money!
<>Message: You money has been deposited!
Change gold held - insert gold
Change variable bank gold + insert gold

Withdraw Case
<>Message: How much will you be withdrawing today?
Input (store in the variable insert gold)
Fork Condition- if insert gold > bank gold
<>Message: You do not have enough money in your bank account!
<>Message: gold has been withdrawn
<>Change gold held + insert gold
<>Change variable bank gold - insert gold

How much money is in there case
Message: You have /v[what ever the variable number for bank gold is] gold in your account

And that is how you make the bank. Now to gain interest you need a common event. This common event should be a parrelel process. The coding for the common event is below:

<>Wait 200s
Fork Condition- Bank gold > 2000
<> Change bank gold + 200
Fork Condition- Bank gold > 1000
<> Change bank gold + 100
Fork Condition- Bank gold > 500
<> Change bank gold + 50
Fork Condition- Bank gold > 100
<> Change bank gold + 10
Fork Condition- Bank gold > 50
<> Change bank gold + 5
Fork Condition- Bank gold > 20
<> Change bank gold + 2
Fork Condition- Bank gold > 10
<> Change bank gold + 1

And that is all the coding for you bank. This will help you create originality in your game. Well hope you read another one of my tutorials, bye!