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Tutorial - 'How to make Run Potions' by deathknightsrm2ktk

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A short tutorial explaining how to make potions called "Run Potions".


Run potion. Easy

This tutorial is pretty easy but still there might be some people out there who don't know how to do it.. or haven't thought
of it.

first of all make 3 potions in your database (you don't have to have 3 but 3 is always good)

name one "minor run potion", another "Extended run potion" and one named "Major Run potion"

now make three switches of the same names

make them Switch Items when they're switch is one.
Price them if you want and so on.

goto common events page and make three common events of the same name, auto start with the same named switch is on.

for Minor run Move the hero speed up three. to do that goto Move event, Hero, Move Speed up.

make it Wait 30.0 sec (this can be as long as you like but i recomend 30 sec.)

then move hero speed down three.

then turn off the switch minor run.

Now do the same for the other 2 but make them wait longer for example Extended run potion go for 60 sec
and Major run potion goes for 100 sec x2 (put wait 100 sec in twice)

and look at that you've made 3 run potions.

Hope this helps you.

Tut prodly written by Deathknight