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Tutorial - 'How to make a simple Radio!' by ZD23

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After reading this you can implement your own GW radio for your game (we all love GW radio, don't we?)


Upon making experimenting with rm2k I have figured out how to make a radio :D With as many songs as you want and a turn off button that will set it back to the original music. It's really simple :D

Ok make an item named Radio

Explanation:*A Radio
Number of uses:*Limitless
Availabe at:*Field
On Switch:*Radio

ok now that we have our radio item go to, Database >> Common Events. Make a new one called *Radio.

Event Start Condition:Parallel Process
Appearence Condition Switch:*Radio

ok now for the commands....

Make a new message and put "Choose a song to play"

Messg:*Choose a song to play

Now do a show choice with 3 music choices, and if you have more then three songs put more for the fourth one, if not put Turn off for the fourth one

Show Choice: *Song 1/Song 2/Song 3/Turn off (note:How you have it set up doesn't matter, as long as you have Turn off or more)

Ok now for the song choices just have a play BGM command

Ok now if you have a more choice have it call a new show choice and do the same thing as the first show choice

Now for the turn off choice do this

[Turn off] Case
<>Change Switch:(0001:Radio)-OFF Set
<>Play Memrized BGM

Also for the end case put

<>Change Switch:(0001:Radio)-OFF Set

ok now we have our radio! But there is one thing! The turn off function doesn't work! Well make a new event...

Start Condition:Auto Start
Position:Below Hero
<>Memorize BGM
<>Clear Timer

now simple put one of that object in every map and when you turn off your radio it will play the default BGM of that map!

You can edit the fields with *s to be whatever you want...

I hope this tutorial has helped you in some way :D